Dr. Eugene Antenucci Is Pleased To Announce The Launch of His New TV Show – “Finding the Good Life” – A Groundbreaking Television Series That Highlights The Link Between Oral Care and Systemic Health

The show is designed to empower the public with the latest and most accurate information about how to live a healthier life. The link between Oral Care and Systemic Inflammation is often overlooked.  Bayshore, New York, January 14, 2020, There are currently over 200,000 practicing dentists in...
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AdLoad Technologies Rolls Out The Next Generation of Highway Advertising and Instantly Created A New Paradigm In Out-Of-Home Advertising

In-Motion Advertising is Direct & Non-Intrusive. AdLoad truck-door digital displays give transportation companies an additional source of income without disrupting everyday delivery operations. Sacramento, California, January 12, 2020, AdLoad Technologies has sent shockwaves through the out-of-home Advertising Industry with the launch of their innovative truck-door...
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Estar Medical Seeks To Expand Their Distribution Network

Estar is widely known for their products involving the preparation of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) used under various trade names and injected into patients through their Physicians network, but what about their manufacturing site?  Fort Lauderdale, Florida, January 2, 2020, As treatments with PRP, Platelet Rich...
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“Speedy House Buyers” Announces Free Real Estate Workshop For Rhode Island Residents – Aimed At Helping Others Find Success In Real Estate Investing & Home Ownership

Speedy House Buyers is a real estate and property management solutions company based in Rhode Island. The company works closely with homeowners, home sellers, realtors, and investors to find and purchase properties with the purpose of being renovated.  Providence, Rhode Island, December 17, 2019, Owning...
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Eatease Launches The Next Generation of Meal Prep Containers – Intelligently Designed – Perfectly Portioned – Detachable – Collapsible – Sustainable and 100% BPA Free Containers

The Eatease concept offers consumers a solution to on-the-go food consumption by allowing them to creatively combine perfect portions for balancing nutrition. When finished, the container collapses and conveniently stows away in any bag, cabinet or drawer. Eatease containers are made from sustainable material and...
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Web Developer Introduces Next Generation Start Page App “Homey” – Changes Chrome Start Page Into A Productive and Cozy Workspace By Adding Live Wallpapers, Weather and Notes Widgets

Inspired by the desktops of Android, Chrome OS and iOS, he created “Homey” as a workspace for Google Chrome. Bookmark Manager and All-In-One Search Bar.  Synchronize with multiple devices. Critically acclaimed on Reddit channels. Energodar, Ukraine, December 10, 2019, It has been many, many years...
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Maluma World Tour Concert Features 3D Immersions

New York, New York — October 30, 2019, Maluma fans at Madison Square Gardens and across the U.S. have experienced new Hollywood-style 3D immersions on stage. Here, Maluma’s 3D Animation Director presents behind-the-scene details about the extraordinary visuals of the 11:11 World Tour. In a...
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Toronto’s Absolute Health Centre Reports Great Success With Their Unique TAPE Patient Protocol – The Absolute Patient Experience Begins With An Initial Free Consultation With One of Their Expert Physiotherapists

Patients are given an initial physical exam with a Registered Physiotherapist who will manually assess the patient’s pain to determine what condition they have. Absolute’s Advanced Laser Scan provides tissue area recognition which determines tissue damage.  Scarborough, Ontario, October 20, 2019, Chronic Pain can lead...
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