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Lana Fray and the Grand Plan is a train wreck of a romance adventure. The action takes place in Los Angeles, CA, where 29-year-old Lana Fray lives and works as a successful reality TV producer.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, October 3, 2014, Fans of fictional romance adventures will be delighted with the new book release by Maren Higbee called: “Lana Fray And The Grand Plan“. With this delightful novel, Maren Higbee has proven herself to be a master wordsmith. It is easy to read, and there is a desire to just keep-on reading all the way to the last word. The humor incorporated into the story is believable, and touches home with so many women that have experienced the world of looking for Mr. Right.

The action takes place in Los Angeles, CA, where 29-year-old Lana Fray lives and works as a successful reality TV producer. The source of the humor is the square-peg/round-hole phenomenon. It’s the central theme that frames the plot and underpins the sub-plots driven by her friends, her career and her men. No matter how hopeless, dysfunctional or crazy things get, Lana and her gang simply close their eyes to the obvious and flail on.

As the story opens, Lana makes a life-changing decision: she’s done with all the gimmicky dating games that just don’t work. Convinced she can do better, Producer Girl Who Never Sleeps jumps in with both feet. She sends an email blast to 100 people, offering a five thousand dollar finder’s fee, payable on her wedding day, to the person that introduces her to Mr. Right before her 30th birthday just 30 days away. Sure enough, her calendar is quickly filled. But (surprise!) the men who step up to the plate bring all kinds of entitlement-style attitude and, even worse, most of them turn out to be smelly, crazy, creepy or rude. Blindly focused on her goal – she only needs to find one, right? – Lana fails to see the fatal flaw in her thinking until an unlikely father figure opens her eyes. As her birthday arrives, Lana finds the answer she really needed all along. She even manages to help her friends and save her current reality TV project.

Maren wrote Lana Fray and the Grand Plan while working in Los Angeles during the early days of the reality TV boom. She climbed the ladder via Mark Burnett and reached her goal – Producer by 30 – with Season One of the hit series, Deadliest Catch. Like her fictional heroine, she juggled this hectic whirl in tandem with all kinds of crazy strategies designed to find Mr. Right. Unlike her, she actually found hers.

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