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New site viewed as a game-changer in the online pet supply genre. Quality time with Fido is a sure bet after shopping at PlayDateDogSupply.

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, October 1, 2014, What could be better than a dog site built by dog lovers? The long anticipated site of PlayDateDogSupply.com has finally been launched to the delight of many dogs and their dedicated owners. Every dog lover knows that dogs love to play, and just hang-out with their owner. This site features many items to bring dog owners and their pet pals closer together. It is an attractive site that is easy to navigate, no fancy computer skills required.

The site is divided into categories, such as: Beds & Furniture, Toys, Treats, Collars, Harnesses, & Leashes, Houses, Kennels and Pens. They consider dogs to be man’s best friends, and there is certainly a whole lot of truth to that. When arriving home after a long day at work, with one’s mind filled with so much stress and anxiety, one’s dog is the only presence in the household that will continue giving all the unwavering love and affection that anyone would need. Even in the saddest moments, a canine companion is there to keep company, never leaving one’s side and always remaining loyal. Such is something the strongest bonds in the world are made of, and it makes perfect sense to give back to one’s dog.

PlayDateDogSupply.com always runs Feature Items on their Home Page. Here one will see scrolling by some of the most popular items for dogs. A great Birthday Gift for one’s canine friend might be the Mansion For Dogs. He will be the envy of all his dog pals in the area. From the sturdy craftsmanship to the stylish touch of a chimney, this large model is perfect for medium to large sized dogs. The amply sized house comes complete with a spacious open-aired front porch surrounded by beautiful latticework, to allow a dog both warmth and comfort. This house is especially designed with a raised base to help keep pets dry. It also offers a window covered by downward sloping horizontal shades to allow for ventilation, while keeping out the sun and rain.

The company reports that their Toys Category is made up of: Balls, Chew Toys, Flying Discs, Laser Toys, Ropes and Squeak Toys. There is such a wide selection that it will be easy to select a bunch of toys for many of hours of fun. In fact, there are over 360 items in this section, so have a browse. The prices are very reasonable, and delivery is speedy. Customer Testimonials have been very positive from both Dogs and their owners.

For complete information, please visit: PlayDateDogSupply.com
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