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10-8-2014 11-21-06 PM

The CardFi is going to revolutionize the way business associates network with each other and so much more.

SINGAPORE, October 8, 2014, CardFi, the next generation of digital business cards, has announced the launching of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. CardFi is the most innovative advancement to the Business Card in over 50 years, in fact, Business Cards as known today may soon become relegated to history. CardFi is an excellent fit into the digital culture. The CardFi device is much more than a ground-breaking Device & Mobile App, it is an iBeacon integrated business card and cloud contact manager. The company reports that for the cost of 250 business cards, which averages $19.00, a person can buy the CardFi. Only one purchase, and it can be updated at any time. Moving?, new job?, new phone number?, super easy to make changes, just one “click”, and it’s done.

A CardFi spokesperson explains that iBeacon is the implementation of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology to create a different way of providing location-based information and services to mobile devices. With CardFi, a corporation could save money on the elimination of most of their printing budget on business cards. The CardFi device is lightweight and has a long lasting battery. Every CardFi user will receive a unique cloud ID. It instantly provides business information, name, location, contacts, etc

When a user turns on their CardFi, all the people in their proximity will receive a notification with the users details, they add, user confirms, they have now exchanged business cards. CardFi can even be save in one’s “Cloud”, the location, time and with whom met. It’s easy to follow and manage, and can immediately add notes and reminders on each contact added. CardFi can be synced with all other contact services as Google, Linkedin, Outlook and many more.

Use CardFi at your office, restaurant, shop or any other location. Whe someone enters users location, they get a notification with all of users company’s details directly into their smart phone, and saves users business directly to the clients contacts. The world of CardFi means that when going to an Exhibition, Restaurant or even a Seminar, if any of the users Contacts are present, the user will receive an instant notification. If somebody is approaching the user, and he can’t remember the name….Relax, CardFi will display all of their vitals at a moments notice. When entering a venue, everybody will immediately know the user is there, and he will see if any of his contacts are present. Making new contacts is as easy as activating the CardFi Device or CardFi App.

The new Cardfi user will receive the CardFi iBeacon Device + CardFi App with integrated iBeacon + Cloud Contact Manager. If a user owns multiple devices, he will be happy to know that he can easily Synch all of them. All this for only $19.00, hard to believe, but true. Funds from the Indiegogo campaign are earmarked for Prototyping, tooling for molds, further development of the App, and for Marketing. Sponsors will have their choice of several rewards listed on the Indigogo Crowdfunding page.

For complete information, please visit: CardFi……..The Next Generation Business Card

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