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Water & Air filtration systems empowers people to take control of the water and air quality they and their family are exposed to.

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, October 10, 2014, It is no secret that the quality of the water supply varies from state to state, city to city, and even in between towns. Store bought water has been tested with findings of carcinogenic substances such as PCB’s from the plastic. In many cases, bottled water has been found to be no safer than tap water. Consumers are the ones at risk of drinking water loaded with heavy metals, and other particulate matter that is harmful to the human body. What most people do not realize is that the water used in showers actually poses a dual threat. Not only can harmful substances be absorbed through the skin, as the shower water exits the water fixture, and also as it hits the floor, it “effervesces”, and creates a vapor that is inhaled, exposing the lungs to these substances.

HomeFiltrationSystems.com has the solution to the poor water quality situation. They feature systems for all budgets. Now consumers can choose to filter only drinking water, or the water coming into the entire home or office. Counter top units are available all the way to Reverse Osmosis Units. Even Commercial Water Softening equipment is available. A featured item is their Aquafer Plus water filtration system. Designed to filter out 99.9% of Fluoride from incoming water. Also filters Chloramines, Chlorine, Lead and Heavy Metals. Does NOT use Aluminum Oxide. This is whole house protection and Guaranteed performance.

Air that everybody breathes also needs to be filtered. It contains Allergens, Pet Dander, Dust and other Airborne Contaminants. This is the place to go for either Room Air Filters, or Whole House Air Filters. They are designed to filter out Micro-Particulate to provide the best quality air for the family. Filters can easily be cleaned, and of a higher quality than found in local stores.

For complete information, please visit: HomeFiltrationSystems.com

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