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Times are changing, and so is the relationship between Physicians and their clients. Smart consumers all across East Texas are turning to “Concierge Medicine”.

TEXARKANA, TEXAS, October 10, 2014, Mainstream medicine has evolved to a point of placing the interests of the patient in a secondary position. The very factor that has helped its growth is largely being ignored — Customer Service. This is what is behind the evolution of patient care, taking on a more personal approach known as “Concierge Medicine”. An anti-aging Physician named George Moricz, MD, is leading the way in providing this VIP treatment to his clients. A client is more than a case number, and Concierge Medicine takes that into consideration.

Dr. Moricz freely admits that the mainstream medical establishment cannot regulate itself, as there are too many conflicting interests at stake. It took becoming a patient himself to discover all of the weaknesses of the present patient-care model. The solution was a more Holistic approach that included personalized medical care. Most Physicians are too quick to reach for the prescription pad, instead of first trying an all-natural approach.

Dr. George Moricz, Founder of Hormonal Blueprinting, and author of Body Hormone Balance Revolution, has found the secret to restoring the youthful vitality that so many people desperately search for. In many cases, it is simply a chemical imbalance of their body. Hormones, Enzymes, Minerals, Amino Acids, and other nutrients can be the subject of Testing, thereby determining where modulation must occur. This is not done by guesswork, but by careful screening and specific blood tests, urine tests and saliva testing.

His latest book, Body Hormone Balance Revolution, is truly an insiders guide to recharging youthful sexuality. People should ask themselves: When they wake-up in the morning, are they full of energy and anxious to start their day? If not, this Concierge Doctor can put them on the right path, and they can join his other Clients that have felt the rejuvenating power of the “Body Hormone Balance Revolution”.

Over the past 10 years, Dr. Moricz developed what is now known as the BODY HORMONE BALANCE SYSTEM. Founder of the “HORMONAL BLUEPRINT SYSTEM” and author of the Body Hormone Balance Revolution, Dr. Moricz has been transforming lives with the Body Hormone Balance Anti-Aging System. His background and expertise in hormones has enabled him to care for a number of clients suffering with hormonal imbalance, fatigue and weight management issues. The range of services that his BODY HORMONE BALANCE Program provides include: bioidentical hormone therapy, nutraceutical supplementation and modern therapeutic approaches for healthy and youthful aging.

For complete information, please visit: The Body Hormone Balance Revolution

Visit YouTube for an eye-opening look into Dr. Moricz’s successful protocols.

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