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Perry Belcher reveals the tricks and tips that the SEO Pro’s use to achieve high page rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Readers will learn how to use the new algorithms to their advantage.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, September 28, 2013, Everybody who has a website would like to see it at the top of the Search Engine Page Rankings. The problem is that it takes quite a bit of savvy to see that type of result. Perry Belcher’s new book, “SEO Expert: How To Rank Anything Fast On Google, Yahoo and Bing”, has the power to make anybody an SEO expert in no time at all. SEO industry insiders hail the book as a must read for anybody interested in improving their page rankings.

Perry Belcher is an accomplished and recognized SEO Expert, and has mastered the art of putting things into words that the layperson can easily understand. The reader feels that they are on their way to obtaining the knowledge needed for online success with each page they finish reading. This is actually presented as a system, not just a book. It’s all about getting boatloads of traffic to the website, that is what counts. If there is no traffic, there is no business. What separates this SEO Book from other such books is Perry’s step-by-step approach.

Readers of “SEO Expert: How To Rank Anything Fast On Google, Yahoo and Bing”, will not only learn theory, but also how to use it in every day practice. Perry explains why organic search engine results are the best strategy for success. Imagine controlling the entire Page One results on Google for your main keyword. This is now possible by implementing the system laid out in Perry’s new book.

“SEO Expert: How To Rank Anything Fast On Google, Yahoo and Bing” is not the first book by Perry Belcher, and will surely not be his last. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. Perry has been in the Internet business for over 13 years. He can boast about selling over $200 million worth of products online. His credentials are beyond reproach, and his new book deserves a space on the virtual book shelf of every internet entrepreneur.

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