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 A simple but comprehensive manual to transform anybody into a master Forex trader regardless of their level of experience.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, September 25, 2014, To the delight of the many Forex fans, a high level Forex trader/author has published a blockbuster of a book revealing the secrets to profitably trading in the Forex market. The author, known by his moniker, “The Pip Profit”, has over 23 years of experience in Forex trading. For the first time, a Forex trading insider is putting it all on the line, empowering anybody to become a successful Forex trader in a matter of weeks, not months or years. Readers will learn why the Forex is unsurpassed relative to the stock market in terms of its profit potential, security, and ease of understanding.

The “Pip Profit” provides a comprehensive trading and investing blueprint complete with an arsenal of tools, strategies, and techniques that will produce winning trades in the lucrative foreign exchange currency market. Nothing is held back. There is absolutely no “fluff”, just all of the actionable time tested and proven money-making systems a current or fledgling trader will need to transform into a master Forex trader. Readers will be treated to learning the six most important things to become a winning trader.

How To Make Money: Use the time tested trading strategies provided by The “Pip Profit” to establish a trading plan. Stick to it and be a disciplined Forex trader. Do not break the rules of the trading plan and success will be easy to find.

Emotional Restraint: Under the guidance provided, readers will learn to remove the detrimental emotional connection to the trade.

Proper Risk Management: This one component can make the difference between success or failure with Forex trading.

How To Find A Reliable Broker: All the points to consider when selecting a Forex broker are outlined.

Humility: Understand that over confidence is just as dangerous an emotion as no confidence.

Simplicity: Forex trading is not rocket science. Nor should be one’s approach to it.

Reader Testimonials have been pouring in, and the Forex Forums and Blogs have been quite abuzz about this new book. Take a look at what Donald, from the USA, had to say: “I never placed a forex trade prior to taking my cue from Pip Profit. My first trade was made exactly 7 days after I finished the training. It would have been sooner but I had to get up the nerve. I think I was actually in a better position as a beginner than someone who had been trading for some time because I never developed bad habits. Basically I followed the Pip Profit verbatim.”

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