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Personal-Use Microfiber Towel is impregnated with
Silver-Ion Particles to destroy bacteria and inhibit contamination.

CLEVELAND, OHIO, October 26, 2014, Recent reports of Ebola and Enterovirus D68 have caused people to become alarmingly aware of their environment. Their concerns, rightfully and fortunately so, have broadened to include the common germs associated with cold, flu and other bacteria related conditions. It’s all a matter of germ control, and to destroy bacterial organisms that can be transferred from person to person, and from objects to people. A new startup called Life Towel has released their flagship product which may help to make people safe from harmful germs.

The Life Towel receives a special treatment during factory production; silver-ion particles are impregnated into the fibers of the towels. Silver has been used for many decades to kill harmful germs. Before antibiotics were invented, Physicians routinely used Colloidal Silver Solutions to treat their patients. In fact, every newborn baby receives a little Silver Nitrate Solution in their eyes to kill any bacteria that may be present. Surgical instruments, like scalpels, are often made from silver because of its anti-microbial properties.

Life Towel has launched their personal-use, antibacterial Microfiber Travel Towel on Amazon, naming them their exclusive international distributor. This highly absorbent towel is quick drying, which also helps to inhibit bacteria growth and odor. When germs come into contact with the microfiber material, the silver-ions destroy the cell-walls of the germs, causing them to self-destruct. Say goodbye to smelly, germ-laden towels.

During a recent interview, Ally Saunders, Life Towel’s Customer Support Specialist, had this to say: “The goal was to provide an antibacterial, personal-use towel for everyone’s daily needs. Everyone who uses a towel will love this towel and should have one with them at all times. Some people are using it at the gym, on the road, and for outdoor activities. Even at home customers are replacing their regular bath towels with Life Towel’s selection of antibacterial microfiber towels. In fact, one parent even wants to buy one for every member of their child’s swim team. It is light-weight and compact so it can be taken anywhere and everywhere. Throw it in a briefcase, overnight bag, carry-on, backpack, diaper bag, a child’s lunch box, a purse, and keep one in the glove box. What about those situations where there were no more paper towels in the public restroom, or concerns over hotel towels? Life Towel’s silver-ion antibacterial towels absorb better, dry quicker, do not have to be washed as often, and alleviate contamination concerns. Now is the time to take advantage of the special promotional offer while supplies last.”

For complete information, please visit: LifeTowel.com

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