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Disasters can strike at anytime, so understanding what one is up against is the most important goal. Prepared Now and Here presents the most important items for high tension situations.

BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, November 2, 2014, Nobody looks forward to a disaster striking, but it is critical to be prepared in every possible way. This is a matter of survival for not only oneself, but the entire family. Now it is an easier task thanks to the launch of PreparedNowAndHere.com. No longer do people have to wonder what to have on hand for an emergency situation. There are just too many possible disasters. Especially with an increase in lone-wolf terrorist incidents, and wild weather fluctuations. It doesn’t matter if the emergency is: Earthquakes, Fires, Tornados, Floods, or a medical emergency, the motto is: “Be Prepared”.

PreparedNowAndHere.com reports that their site has 3 main sections: Emergency Preparation, Earthquake & Disaster Preparation, and Survival & First Aid Kits. If something happens to the family suddenly, one needs to keep calm and have a list of protocols. Nobody ever wants to assume the worst, but someone has to do it. Boost the supply of safety essentials so if a disaster hits, everyone will know who to go to for safety. Prepared Here and Now has a vast inventory of fire blankets, food storage and survival gear. Keep an eye out for danger, while feeling a little safer knowing there is a back-up plan. Imagine being stranded in the car during a snow storm, if there were some Mylar Emergency Blankets handy, it could mean the difference between life and death.

Each section features hundreds of life saving products. One of the most important sections is the Survival & First Aid items. It doesn’t take much to sustain an injury during a disaster, or even in everyday living. Don’t be one of those people that says: “I wish we had a First-Aid Kit”. Especially if there are young folks at home. Things happen when they are least expected….the power goes out, it’s easy to slip and fall and become injured. Have emergency lighting, water filters and First Aid Supplies. Better safe than sorry, how very true.

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