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Experts from a variety of backgrounds and industries are interviewed regularly to reveal their personal secrets for being more productive. Discover strategies that can easily be implemented into everyday life to help save time and make the most of the time that is available.

DUBAI, UAE, November 6, 2014, Imagine if the world’s leading thinkers were available to everyone, and they were willing to reveal the specific actions and thinking that elevated them to where they are today. The learning curve would be reduced exponentially. There would no unanswered questions that often prevent people from taking the next step, or even in taking the first step. This is now a reality thanks to BeEfficient.Tv, where the Mission is to spread knowledge and empower everybody to be the best they can be, to Boost the Efficiency of one’s Life and Business with Tips and Tricks from Leading Experts.

BeEfficient.tv is more than just a site where global visionaries are interviewed. Through the use of modern day technology, there are no borders to deter the meeting of the minds. This innovative site presents interviews that are carefully researched and designed to elicit the facts, not the “fluff”. Visitors have reported that this website is like going to a university lecture, but a lot more fun. BeEfficient.tv is the go-to place for detailed interviews, courses, presentations, and classes to boost everybody’s daily lives and business experience, and allow us to achieve a bigger outcome and results with less time, effort, and cost.

A company spokesperson explains what types of people are sought out for interviews. This includes: The world’s top visionaries, thoughtful leaders, mentors, thinkers, business experts, advisors, and consultants. Founders and CEOs of different companies that became Billionaires and Millionaires by taking the right steps at the right time. The people that write the books that become Best Sellers. Financial experts like Professional Investors, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, and private equity experts reveal how to be successful at raising funds. Entrepreneurs will benefit from the interviews with marketing strategists, technology evangelists, bloggers, developers, and Internet marketing experts. There is a plethora of topics covered in these interviews.

BeEfficient.Tv creates a level playing field. No longer are only a lucky few privy to this level of information, game-changing information. During a recent press conference, Ahmed Al Kiremli, Founder of BeEfficient.Tv, made these comments: “We are not on the Internet to interview only tech-related business people, as we are here to add value to all sectors of business, whether they’re online or offline. Also, we cover many other subjects related to health and fitness, wellbeing, productivity, life hacks, mindset and many other subjects that will impact your business and lifestyle efficiently. You will see that we are not like other TV shows on the Internet that are trying to polish their guests and show how great they are. Our Mission is to ask the right questions directly and get honest answers from experts to add the maximum amount of value to our audience and the world.”

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