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MIAMI, FLORIDA, November 11, 2014, Luis Mendez of Gables Financial Partners, a premier financial planning firm based in Coral Gables, Florida, is thrilled to announce that he is now a provider of AssetLock™ technology. AssetLock™ is a groundbreaking asset-allocation program specially designed to monitor investors’ portfolios daily. AssetLock™ enables financial advisors and clients to work together to personalize your risk tolerance and monitor your investments. Together, Mendez and AssetLock™ provide retirees with added peace of mind for the future.

“Successful investors know that it’s not how much you make, it’s what you keep that matters. In our practice, we find most people don’t have any strategy in place to help protect their hard-earned profits through market declines. Investing with AssetLock™ is that strategy. It’s just a smarter way to invest,” said Luis Mendez, founder and CEO of Gables Financial Partners.

Only offered by select financial professionals in the country, AssetLock™ technology provides added market protection, and through its ability to influence a greater level of communication between advisors and clients, AssetLock™ also helps take the emotion out of investing.

“When our clients go to sleep every night, they enjoy knowing that no matter how painful the markets can become tomorrow, they have an effective strategy in place to secure the added peace of mind they deserve,” Luis added.

Building a tactical portfolio over the next three to five years is going to be critical to an investor’s financial future, and providing added protection for hard-earned assets is a significant part of that process. AssetLock™ empowers clients to invest with an added “safety net,” which can help ensure another year like 2008 doesn’t affect an investor’s future. To learn more about this game-changing tool, visit www.lockmywealth.com.

Luis Mendez is the founder and CEO of Gables Financial Partners, a premier financial advisory firm he has served the needs of professionals, business owners, and their families for over a decade. Luis is an accomplished advisor and a distinguished Gulf War veteran of the United States Marine Corps. To schedule a free consultation, call Gables Financial Partners at 305-709-0777 or visit www.gablesfinancialpartners.com.

Investment Advisory Services offered through Retirement Wealth Advisors, (RWA) a Registered Investment Advisor. Gables Financial Partners and RWA are not affiliated. Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal.

AssetLock™ is a portfolio-monitoring system that identifies a client’s maximum portfolio downside or loss and indicates that immediate action is required in order to limit losses per the clients pre-determined risk tolerance.

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