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In a bid to bring highly fashionable, preppy accessories to consumers at an affordable price, Preppy Planet LLC has taken two major steps in order to secure their market. The announcement of their newly revised PreppyPrincess.com ecommerce website as well as strategic expansion into the Japanese market in late 2015 shows just how much consumers desire the classic Preppy American style.

Temple, AZ – Nov 21, 2014, Preppy Planet LLC makes major news today as they announce plans for major expansion into the Japanese market as well as other international markets. The CEO of Preppy Planet, Weijia Gao, an international model and designer has vowed to devote her life to making the hottest fashions and accessories available to everyone regardless of budget.

At a recent press event, the Preppy Planet team unveiled their restructured website PreppyPrincess.com, as well as three new sites slated for 2015, PreppyPlanet.com , PreppyPlanet.jp and PreppyPlanet.uk to a market of eager fans waiting to see what they have to offer. One happy customer was quoted as saying, “This website is awesome! I can buy like everything I need to make my outfit look perfect and still have money left over to go out with, how awesome is that!” With reviews like this, consumers can expect to see a lot of Preppy Planet in the near future.

The spokesperson for Preppy Planet was quoted as saying, “Weijia Gao has a full understanding and love for the American preppy fashion style, something she has devoted her life dreams to accomplish!” He went on to say, “Preppy Planet is not a huge corporation, but rather a smaller team of designers that make their designs, fashions and ideas come to life based on what the customer wants, our customers always come first.”

Preppy Planet’s products range from jewelry and watches, to bag totes and even office supplies. Preppy Planet is where to go for everything and anything Preppy. It is clear that Preppy Planet has broken into the industry and they are here to stay. Check out their flagship website at http://www.preppyprincess.com to see the newest and hottest preppy accessories that are currently available.

To read more about the Preppy Planet brand, visit their official website at www.preppyprincess.com, you will not be disappointed.

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