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Prof. Spira reintroduces the lost works of the famed German healer, Professor Arnold Ehret, dietitian, philosopher, teacher, visionary, and one of the first people to advocate fasting and a plant-based, vegan, and mucus-free lifestyle as a therapy for healing.

COLUMBUS, OHIO, November 24, 2014, Prof. Arnold Ehret was way ahead of his time when he discovered that pus and mucus-forming foods were unnatural for humans to eat, and suggested that a diet of fruits and green leafy vegetables (i.e., mucus-free foods), are the most healing and powerful foods for humans. What he did was to introduce a new paradigm into the way people think about health and wellness. It is astounding that a man living in the 1800’s was able to discover that pus and mucus forming foods creates a cascade of health problems.

For over 100 years, his written works and teachings have touched the lives of thousands of health-seekers pursuing higher levels of vitality. Ehret’s most famous books, Mucusless Diet Healing System and Rational Fasting, continue to increase in popularity as plant-based, vegan, and raw-food diets become more prevalent. Prof. Spira was a very unhealthy individual, spiraling down into a world of ill health and sickness. He, along with most people, had no idea how the mucus forming foods he was consuming played a large role in his ill health. He had managed to master the Jazz Trombone, but he was not able to master his own health.

At age 19, Prof. Spira weighed 280 pounds, and suffered from a plethora of health issues, such as: Daily Migraine Headaches, Frequent Ear Infections, Sleep Apnea, Painful Acid Reflux, Allergies, Joint Pain, Yearly bouts of Bronchitis, Constant Cold and Flu-like Symptoms, Dry Itchy Skin, Chronic Constipation, Ear Infections, and Bad Body Odor. He tried everything and anything to gain some relief: Tylenol and Advil almost everyday, Over-the-Counter Cold and Flu Medicines, Daily Prescription Medications, Pepto-Bismol after Most Meals, Penicillin for Bronchitis and Ear Infections, Fiber Supplements for Constipation, Lotions for Skin, Extra Strength Deodorant for Body Odor, and Diet Pills/Supplements to try and Shed Pounds. Does this sound like anybody you know?

After observing himself in the mirror one day, he had a sudden realization that he can no longer live this way, for he will surely die an early death. What followed was an intensive period of research and discovery that led to his own healing and lifestyle changes. In 2002, Prof. Spira met someone who changed his life forever. He had adopted a lifestyle for over 30 years that helped him overcome his illnesses and give him endless vitality. His friend was convinced that he could do the same, and told him about two books written in the early 1900s by a German dietitian, Prof. Arnold Ehret, who ran successful healing and detoxification clinics. He was renowned for saving the lives of people diagnosed as incurable by the medical authorities. In fact, he was on his own deathbed when he healed himself and unlocked one of the secrets to health and vitality.

After adopting these new concepts of health into his lifestyle, Prof. Spira lost over 110 pounds, and was feeling energized and reborn. The changes in his health were truly miraculous: he permanently lost 110 pounds, lost 7 inches from his waist, got off all pharmaceutical medications, overcame his chronic migraines and painful constipation, no longer suffered from constant cold and flu symptoms, disposed of his C-Pap Oxygen unit, and got rid of all of his fiber and diet supplements.

Soon his friends and family wanted to know what he did to make such a stunning transformation. Before long he was helping them transform their health, and he has dedicated his life to help others make the same improvements to their health and wellness. The Mucusless Diet Healing System is a complete course for every person who desires to learn how to control their health. The diet is a combination of individually advised long and short-term fasts, and menus that progressively change to non-Mucus-Forming Foods.

Prof. Spira has released the first ever annotated, critical editions of Prof. Arnold Ehret’s famous diet. It answers many misunderstood questions and elements from the Mucusless Diet. It is like reading the book with Mucusless Diet expert Prof. Spira. You will find out why the transition diet is one of the most misunderstood aspects of a Mucus-Free Lifestyle, why intermittent fasting and alkaline foods are important for health, and what transitional meals are best when someone craves their favorite mucus-forming foods. He also is active in mucus-free lifestyle coaching and consultation services.

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