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Blue Water is pleased to announce that they gained 7th place overall. Altogether, 6 athletes and a coach went to Sardinia to represent Team GB.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 24, 2014, This year the UK was represented by a team of 3 men and 3 women: Georgina Miller, Liv Philip, Beci Ryan, Mike Board, Tim Money and Adam Drzazga. Jay Cluskey acted as a fantastically organized and supportive coach to all the athletes; attending the daily Event Committee meetings, keeping everyone up to date with competition news and ensuring people had what they needed. Overall everyone walked away deservedly pleased with their performances. New boundaries were discovered, lessons learned and training and freediving relationships cemented.

Freediving helps people enjoy the beauty of the seas in a way that most people never experience. Unencumbered by cumbersome diving equipment, this magical experience is available to everybody. One need only take advantage of Freediving Courses offered by such professionals as The Bluewater Freediving School. Here is the place to find courses offered from entry level through instructor level training. They offer Freediving courses in their venues in London and Hertfordshire UK.

This introspective sport is definitely a special one: both physical and mental skills are necessary to develop the ability to hold your breath and dive deep in the sea. Freediving introduces you to the most unknown and fascinating world: your own human world. Every dive is a new journey, every breath a new feeling. Eventually you can learn that each second is special too. Exercising this consciousness has a positive effect on your everyday life. The school’s main instructor is the renowned Adam Drzazga, who has recently made competition history for holding his breath longer than anyone in Great Britain (in recent years), as the UK Record is 8 minutes and was set several years back by Sam Still, who no longer competes. Adam is also a highly ranked World Freediving Competitor.

Adam is an Aida Instructor, Judge and Chairman of BFA (British Freediving Association), and represents GB in the World Championships. What he enjoys most is diving on the shallow reefs and the feeling of “oneness” with nature. During a recent interview, Adam had this to say: “Freediving is not only about competitions, it is about enjoying yourself in the water, and that could be done in just a few meters of water. The most beautiful time I ever had was in 5-10m of water, diving with wild dolphins in one of our trips to Egypt. If you like water, we will show you the way to enjoy it safely, your enjoyment is our goal. Freediving is a unique sport that is possible for anybody to take part in, no matter what your experience or ability.”

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