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The only way to determine if a firm’s data is protected against Data Breach Risk, is to have a professionally performed Cyber Insurance Audit.

CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA, November 26, 2014, Online Data Breaches are occurring at alarming rates. The problem is growing exponentially, not subsiding, as everybody would hope for. Many business people feel that their vital data is not at risk because they are a small to medium sized business. This is a huge misconception that could cost a person their entire livelihood. Sure, everybody has heard about the mega-companies being cyber attacked, but that is only the tip of the data breach iceberg. The fact of the matter is that the smaller firms are easier to be breached, as they think they are safe. If anything is to be learned from the mega-firms being successfully breached is that Insurance Protection against Data Breach makes the most sense. It is something you can count on, unlike fancy firewalls and other counter measures that can be defeated. To limit the risk of monetary loss, insurance is something that should be in place …..sooner than later.

The amounts and types of Data-Breach Cyber Insurance that may be needed is not guesswork. Companies that specialize in this type of risk are the ones to seek. DataSurer has many years of experience in this special arena. They have just announced the introduction of their Cyber Insurance Audit program. A cyber insurance audit can evaluate a business’s data breach coverage and eliminate any weak spots or gaps in coverage. DataSurer provides comprehensive cyber insurance audits in Coral Springs, Doral, Ft Lauderdale, Weston, Sunrise, and the entire South Florida area. Identifying risks within the IT infrastructure and taking efforts to minimize or eliminate them is an important step in preventing a reputation damaging data breach.

DataSurer is the specialist to call for a cyber insurance audit. Their proven audit program includes: An evaluation of the effectiveness of any existing cyber risk management plans and process, A recommendation for proper cyber insurance coverage, An evaluation and recommendation of procedures for reporting and making claims should a data breach occur. In addition, DataSurer can help in designing policies and procedures to reduce exposure to cyber risks. When a data breach occurs, and the client’s data is exposed, your business reputation is put on the line.

Business owners are encouraged to seek insurance coverage against any type of virus, malware, or data breach. In the event of a data breach, cyber insurance by DataSurer covers legal, court-issued, or customer compensation expenses, allowing you to focus on rebuilding customer relationships and trust. Just owning this type of insurance coverage adds enormous credibility and confidence in your firm. The cyber insurance experts at DataSurer are ready to analyze your needs, and offer the latest in insurance protection available from their menu of “A” rated carriers. Sleep without worrying about cyber attacks, procure data breach insurance today.

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