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QP3 features over 600 image-based personality tests and quizzes that easily and subliminally help explore the innermost secrets of a person’s psyche.

ONTARIO, CANADA, November 29, 2014, Everybody could use a self-help coach to become more successful in both their private and business lives. Thanks to the new Mobile App by Tokii called Tokii QP3, everybody can now have a self-help coach as close as their mobile device. This new App is the perfect personal guide to help find true Love, Happiness and Peace of Mind. It is now fun and easy to delve into one’s deepest corners of the mind, simply by taking one of the many personality tests, quizzes, or profile bundles and unlock self-enlightenment.

Tokii QP3 enables people to create their own private communities to share the journey of self-discovery with like-minded friends via its built-in social eco-system that provides for invite-only communities. QP3 features over 600 image-based personality tests and quizzes that will help explore topics like: “Are you a good person? A good parent? How about lover? What’s holding you back from success? What’s stopping you from getting healthy? Or landing that promotion?“, according to a company spokesperson.

Tokii QP3 is inspired and designed by psychologists, motivational experts, inspirational speakers, life coaches and relationship advisors. A few short quizzes and easily unlock invaluable self-help resources and insights that cover everything from depression and self-esteem to tastes in music and feelings on contemporary abstract art. There are many categories of tests, quizzes and profile bundles that are designed to help paint a complete self-portrait of a person’s personality, life, and state of happiness. It includes the following test and quiz bundles:

Dating & Relationships, Health, Diet, Fitness and Beauty, Good Times, Leadership & Development, LGBT, Personal Development, and more.

The good news is that this App is Free. Imagine, all of this information at no cost. User Testimonials are pouring in and show just how much this new App is loved. Take a look at what Cjanini09 has to say: “This app is great at what it does, and I love it! I seriously can’t get enough, and since I downloaded it I’ve spent too much time to count messing around with it! Get it, now.”

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