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Put the catalog on Facebook, where the customer already is – capturing them “in the moment.”

SNOHOMISH, WASHINGTON, December 2, 2014, Social Media has become the rising star of online marketing. The old way is to encourage users to click a link to the website to browse your catalog. The new way is to put your catalog on Facebook, where your customer already is, capturing them “in the moment.” KlikFlo has recently rolled out a turn-key program doing just that.

They will take the product data and integrate it into your Facebook page as a searchable, social-enabled catalog. They provide powerful tools to help analyze your social marketing impact, and gauge community response to the products.

All that is required is to just upload the data file using their simple tools, then they’ll create your app. Be up and running with a standard design in days. Customer engagement, product discovery, these are the tools of social marketing. It is now possible to create engaged communities for each product. Their application enables your catalog “socially,” so that every product is shareable and supports comments. It’s like having a Facebook page for each and every product.

The KlikFlo application enables real marketing decisions based on real data. Their powerful analytics will tell you exactly what’s happening on your Facebook catalog – in real time. See which products have the most activity or generate the most click-throughs. Determine quickly if featuring a new product makes a difference. Watch as users click into your catalog through shared Facebook links. There is also a whole suite of Optional “Power” Features, such as: Custom templates and layouts, Custom website integration, Custom features and integrations, (challenge them with your ideas, their developers can probably come up with a low cost solution), Implementation consulting: get the most out of your app by having their FACEBOOK EXPERTS design your graphics and setup your data import file, Data sync API: if you have a product database, they can setup a data sync, so your app data updates along with your database.

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