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New site features devices for the home and garden that use solar power. Outdoor products also offered to spruce up the garden area.

CINCINNATI, OHIO, December 9, 2014, There is a growing movement to use the power of the sun to power all sorts of devices. It has been difficult to find reliable products that will stand the test of time. This quest has now become easier thanks to the launch of the new Mink Internet Ventures website. Among other things, they place a major emphasis on Solar Powered items for the home and garden. Thanks to their strict product approval criteria, customers can be assured that the products offered are of the highest quality.

Mink Internet Ventures reports that Solar is a great way to power up the devices in your life. They believe that Solar power is the most efficient way to use electricity. As such, Mink Internet Ventures provides products that will take the garden into the modern world. Your garden will get more out of the sun then before. Their product inventory is truly very comprehensive and with these products your garden will be the envy of your neighbors. Not only will your garden look great at night, you can also provide high quality lighting and other electronic applications without using electricity from your wall outlet. This translates to wonderful savings on your electric bill and also doing your part to save the planet.

There are many products featured on the site. Here is a partial listing of what you can expect to see: Future Solar – high tech solar products, Misc. Solar Lights – solar powered lights to light up your garden at night, Solar Garden Accessories – solar powered accessories you can use for your garden, Solar Garden Lights – high end solar garden lights, Solar Home Accessories – solar powered accessories for your home, Solar Panels/Controllers – get all the solar energy you need with these panels, Solar Security Lights – securing your home can now be powered independently.

All Solar Lighting – all the solar lighting options that you need, Solar Charging & Power Sources – have an efficient solar power matrix with these items, Battery Tools – maintain your batteries to make them efficient and last a long time, Garden Decor – jazz up your garden’s look with these awesome décor, Lawn & Garden Tools – keep your garden looking beautiful and well maintained with these tools, Patio Accessories – keep your patio awesome with these wonderful patio accessories, Patio Heaters – enjoy your patio even on cold nights with these stylish patio heaters, and Plants & Plant Stands – you will love these plants and plant stands because it gives you a great looking garden without much work.

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