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Pet Shack Pro features extraordinary pet products for extraordinary pet owners.

PULASKI, TENNESSEE, December 10, 2014, No doubt that dog and cat lovers will be happy to hear that Pet Shack Pro has launched their new website. Many hard to locate items are featured, and this is great for people that do not live near a larger city with many pet supply shops. Even for city dwellers, they will find that the online prices on this site are well below the city slicker pet supply shops. The company reports that they have scoured the pet supply industry to be able to select the best of the best for inclusion on their site.

Cat lovers will rejoice at finally finding a great looking litter box alternative. How about a Cat Washroom? No more mess from cat litter boxes. The Cat Washroom serves as an attractive cover to hide away the litter box and confine all litter messes inside, while providing useful shelf space and stainless steel towel bar for many organizing options. This multi functional unit can also be used as a coffee table or night stand while providing a discrete resting/sleeping area for both dogs and cats, which satisfies your pet’s instinctive need to feel safe and happy. A great new concept that confines all litterbox odors to the inside of the cabinet.

Pet Shack Pro is also introducing the Eyenimal, a new concept of digital video cameras. The Eyenimal is the first camera in the world specially designed to be worn by animals. This is the high-tech product that all dog and cat lovers have waited for. The Eyenimal invites pet owners to experience a new adventure: the world from a pet’s eyes. The camera has a 4GB flash memory and power source (lithium-ion battery). The result is two and a half hours of sound and video from the pet’s perspective, along with memories and full access to his or her adventures. A cat’s owner may often wonder where their pet goes for his escapades. Cats can travel some distance while at play. With this camera, the owner can now gain insight to his usual route. It is an essential device to the owner who wants to know everything about the behaviors of his animal.

Dog owners sometimes see that their beloved pet is getting on in the years, or has some physical problem, and they cannot seem to get up on the owners bed, or the sofa, to hang-out and share some quality time. The Functional Pet Step is the answer. This convenient 2 in 1 configuration pet step interchanges between two and three steps in a single folding mechanism, allowing for easy access to platforms of various heights for dogs and cats of all sizes and ages. The elegant design with modern solid bent wood, dark espresso stain and beige sisal rug makes this functional step a wonderful addition to any indoor decor.

Pet Shack Pro has plenty of other items for Dog and Cat lovers, including: Gates to keep animals safe, items for protection from scratching, serving bowls, vitamins, toys and more.

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