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The most revolutionary advance in Christmas Ornament Lights in over 100 years.

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, December 11, 2014, The Holidays have arrived, and that means setting up the Christmas Trees and adding some spectacular tree ornaments. The way people think about illuminated tree lighting has changed forever with the introduction of AURA’s new Wirelessly Powered LED Christmas Lights. What they have done is to add a new paradigm to the subject of Christmas Ornaments. Imagine, the first ever Smartphone controlled wireless LED Ornaments. The LED’s will outshine and outlast the average Christmas light by 20 years.

Since AURA is wirelessly powered, this means no charging, no batteries. AURA is as easy to use at it is clever: Snap the Aura Power Ring onto your tree, Plug it into your wall, Place the Aura wireless lights on your Christmas tree, Aura’s Power Ring safely provides all the energy the lights need, wirelessly. Just hang them like ornaments and they light up automatically, and enjoy the first brightly, evenly lit ornaments ever seen.

AURA is controlled by a Free App on your Smartphone. Select the WiFi Aura Power Ring and you can control your lights from their app on your iOS, Windows, or Android Smartphone. Turn all lights on and off, set schedules, and timers on the go. In addition to being able to power up to 100 wireless lights, Aura’s Power Ring has been designed to be invisible. Hide it underneath the tree skirt for trees up to 5 feet tall or in the middle of a tree for taller trees. Its forest green color camouflages it, making it even harder to see. From the beginning, Aura was designed to be a safer Christmas light. By removing the wires that short circuit, heat, or spark in your tree, Aura eliminates the potential fire hazards of traditional Christmas lights. For even more safety, they only use LEDs which produce close to zero heat.

The Aura Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter is meant to raise the needed funds to complete the project and bring to market. They have already begun engaging with artists, musicians, and developers to create unique ornaments and limitless possibilities. With Aura, ornaments can now have music, motion, lights, displays, and so much more that was never possible before, and all without wires. Everybody is invited to make a Pledge and become part of history, with this first major advance in Christmas Tree Lights in over 100 years. There is an exciting selection of Rewards from which to choose, sponsors will receive the first of the production run.

For complete information, please visit: Aura Crowdfunding Campaign

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