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In a move to expand operations, Sahara Wealth Advisors, with offices in Irvine, California and Nashville, Tennessee has just announced the acquisition of an oil lease in the prolific oil and gas producing region of Overton County, Northern Tennessee.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, December 11, 2014, Sahara Wealth Advisors, a commodity advisory and oil field development and drilling company founded in 2003, has just gone public with their announcement of the acquisition of an oil lease that encompasses nearly 400 acres in the prolific oil and gas producing region of Overton County, Tennessee. Competition within the energy sector has taken note and has recognized this group as rising stars, which is comprised of the top energy geologist in Kentucky, seasoned drillers, as well as a few select investors.

During a recent press conference, Bob Allison, managing partner of the commodity advisory firm, said “We are all excited and elated beyond belief. This lease has great potential for additional drilling, for both oil and natural gas within the highly productive Knox, Stones River and Murfreesboro formations. There are dozens of wells on immediate surrounding properties that have produced 25,000 to 50,000 or more barrels of oil per well.” In an era where oil dependence is such a hot topic, Sahara Wealth Advisors couldn’t have picked a better time to begin chipping away at the U.S.’s “oil dependence” on foreign nations.

As of press time, Mr. Allison was unable to release certain details about the locations of these lease acquisitions, citing proprietary reasons. However, Mr. Bob Allison went on to say, “The Wayne Brown well is located two miles North of the Overton County lease we have acquired, which has produced over 276,000 barrels of oil, the largest producer in Tennessee history(1). Additionally, just a county over from Overton, one of the biggest wells hit in the Eastern United States was drilled on the Howard lease in 2002, producing 750 barrels per hour(2). “We will drill 20 holes on this property to start and from that we should be looking at a couple of gushers of our own.”

Big things are expected out of Sahara Wealth Advisors and the industry is now watching this developmental area. “The economic activity generated by the energy sector in this country has been the shining light, propping up our economy’s recent lackluster performance”, cited Mr. Allison.

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