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Dr. Oz Discussed the Efficacy of Saffron Extract on his #1 TV Health Show. Studies support his Saffron endorsement.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, December 12, 2014, A huge contributor to weight gain is emotional overeating and snacking. When Dr. Oz, of the #1 TV Health Show, did an episode discussing Saffron Extract, critics slammed him for his endorsement, but the many studies supporting his decision gives credence to his claims. In fact, he tried his own little experiment with some audience members, and they reported that their cravings were reduced, and that they ate less because they felt “fuller” quicker.

No doubt that the results of a French Study influenced his position on the matter. The study, performed by a Biomedical Think Tank in France showed that Saffron Extract consumption produces a reduction of snacking and creates a satiating effect that could contribute to body weight loss. The fact that it increases Serotonin levels means that it will alleviate depression and anxiety, which leads to emotional overeating, aka Binge Eating. As it makes you feel satisfied, you simply consume less food.

Steve Stanley, a noted nutritional supplement formulator, decided to take this one step further. He wanted to take advantage of Saffron’s weight loss attributes, and combine it with other very effective weight loss ingredients. For many months his firm conducted Research & Development, and they finally launched his new formula, Adjuvan7, on Amazon. To be sure, there is no other weight loss formula like Steve’s new formula. His goal was to combine the ingredients that would provide the most needed attributes to any weight loss program.

Adjuvan7 takes Saffron, and combines it with: Garcinia Cambogia, Forskolin, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketones and Green Tea Extract(ECGC). He also included some Niacin for increased uptake. This combination of ingredients provides all the features needed in a weight loss supplement to successfully lose weight without taking harmful metabolic stimulants like Ephedrine or Guarana. Adjuvan7 will: Suppress the appetite, retard carb cravings, increase Serotonin levels, decrease Cortisol levels, block the enzyme that converts carbs into fatty cells, and provide a steady flow of energy all day without the “jitters” caused by stimulants. It will also make you feel fuller more quickly, and you will eat less food.

During a recent press conference, Steve had this to say: “My new weight loss formula is revolutionary because it is designed to take advantage of the concept of Synergism, whereby each ingredient is made individually more potent when used in a combination formula. Single ingredient weight loss supplements only work for a small number of people. Why? Not all ingredients work the same in all people. We are all different and have different body chemistries. Just take a look at the user reviews on Amazon, you will see that some folks rave about a product, while others say it did nothing for them.”

Steve goes on to say: “Adjuvan7 is a money-saving formula. Folks no longer have to bounce around from one supplement to the other. It is effective in more people than any single-ingredient formula out there. Every single active ingredient in this product has been endorsed by Dr. Oz, and is backed by clinical studies that show efficacy for weight loss”.

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