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Described like a mix of eBay and Facebook, the Kraftera.com platform is bringing Americans closer together.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, December 12, 2014, Sometimes all it takes to make a good idea into a great idea is some innovative thinking. This is the case with Kraftera.com, who recently launched their flagship website, described as a mix between eBay and Facebook. What they have done is nothing short of having created a new paradigm in social media platforms. People will never think of social media the same. It is now possible to go to one social media platform, and buy and sell products, while also being able to network socially. Kraftera has already created quite a buzz on the social media Forums and Blogs.

“Traditional” social networks store your pictures on their servers, even if you delete them from your profile. Thousands of professional marketers are working on following your activity and selling this information to advertisers. Kraftera is different from all the others. You are the one who owns Kraftera. Post text, videos, pictures and if you want to delete your post, all the data will be immediately deleted from Kraftera. Nobody will ever have the possibility to see your private messages or pictures and videos.

Kraftera is all about bringing Americans closer together, it was founded by Mark Glotser, who noticed that in your everyday life you would always get a better deal, discount or recommendation from friends. Your friends also have friends and you don’t even know what they may offer. It’s so obvious, but we live in neighborhoods and don’t even know that our neighbor is a dietitian or a fitness trainer, lawyer or any other professional. On Kraftera, he included a comprehensive User Feedback Rating System. If a user thinks he received a bad deal, he can leave negative feedback about the seller. This concept tends to keep people more honorable because they will be held to public scrutiny.

Kraftera is free to use, and operates in a Secure Environment. Their policy is to never share personal information of email addresses. They have a strict ant-spam policy. On the “Social” side of the site, people can enjoy all the social network features like sending messages, sharing photos and videos, posts, and soon will come many new and exciting features. It is an ultimate solution to buy and sell goods or services. On Kraftera you can share goods and services with your friends and legally save on taxes. Kraftera gives you the possibility to stay green and be good to our environment and people by sharing things among friends. The “Business” side of the site is where items for sale can be found. Users can place auction type Bids, or offer a “Buy Now” Bid. Second hand items are also available on the site.

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