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“Adjuvan 7” breaking sales records as the first weight loss formula that uses the power of Synergism to increase the potency of each capsule.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, December 12, 2014, The weight-loss supplement industry will never be the same after Steve Stanley’s release of “Adjuvan 7” a complex multi-ingredient dietary supplement. “The days of single-ingredient formulas are numbered. Folks do not like buying these products that do not work for them, so they have to spend more money trying a different active ingredient. Now, for the first time, the most effective weight-loss ingredients are available in one money-saving product”, according to Steve Stanley.

The good news is that every active ingredient in “Adjuvan 7” has been endorsed by Dr. Oz, of the #1 TV Health Show. Besides that, there are numerous clinical studies that illustrate the efficacy of each of the ingredients in this formula. The list of ingredients in Adjuvan 7 reads like a “Who’s Who” of effective weight-loss supplements. Money saving potential is quite substantial, because if all of the active ingredients were purchase as single-ingredient formulas, the cost would be over $200.00, but “Adjuvan 7” costs only a fraction of that amount and is effective in more people than any single-ingredient weight loss product.

Steve Stanley, who is a well-known nutritional-supplement formulator, set-out to develop the perfect weight-loss formula, it would have all of the most wanted attributes, such as: Appetite Suppressant, Block the Enzyme that converts carb into fat cells, Eliminate cravings for sweets, make a person feel full faster, raise Serotonin levels to prevent emotional overeating, Boost the metabolism without harmful stimulants, provide energy throughout the day without that “jittery” feeling, lower Cholesterol, decrease Cortisol to lower stress levels, and reduce overall bodily inflammation. Lower Leptin levels, and more.

“Adjuvan 7” contains the most recommended ingredients for weight loss, and delivers all of the most wanted features of an effective weight-loss formula. All this is possible because it contains: Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Forskolin, Green Tea Extract (ECGC), Saffron, Raspberry Ketones and Niacin for increased uptake. During a recent press conference, Steve Stanley had this to say: “My aim was to create a weight-loss formula that holds promise to address all of the concerns about supplement induced weight-loss. At the same time, I wanted to offer a product that will be effective in more people than any single-ingredient formula. “Adjuvan 7″ is that product.”

Steve goes on to say: “With Adjuvan 7, I have capitalized on the power of Synergism. The combination of these specific ingredients has an exponential effect on potency by making each ingredient more powerful than if taken alone. There is no other weight-loss formula like this anywhere on the planet.”

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