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Famous TV Doctor has done shows featuring every single active ingredient in Steve Stanley’s new dynamic weight-loss formula “Adjuvan7”. All-in-one supplement, with the 7 most proven weight-loss ingredients.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, January 4, 2015, Dr. Oz has the leading Health TV Show in the nation. When he endorses an ingredient in a supplement, it is because he has read the research, and in some cases he has tested the supplement on members of his audience. This is why it is considered so important when he says he believes in a weight-loss compound. Steve Stanley, a noted nutritional supplement formulator, took the top clinically proven weight-loss ingredients, all endorsed by Dr. Oz, and made a single multi-ingredient formula out of them. For the first time, these proven weight-loss antagonists become an army to battle the bulge.

He called Saffron “The New Miracle Appetite Suppressant To Kill Your Hunger”, Garcinia Cambogia “The Holy Grail of Weight Loss“, Forskolin “The Miracle Flower that Fights Fat “, Raspberry Ketones “The Number One Miracle In A Bottle To Burn Fat”, Green Coffee Bean Extract the “Miracle Fat Burner In A Bottle”. Julie Daniluk, R.H.N., stated live that Green Tea Extract will aid in burning more calories all day by boosting the metabolic rate.

Adjuvan7 is a well thought-out formula that accomplishes all the goals of a weight-loss formula. In this case, Steve took it a step further. He made sure that there were multiple ingredients with overlapping capabilities. Consider the actions of Adjuvan7’s ingredients: Appetite Suppressants, Prevent Carb Cravings, Increase Energy and Metabolic Rate without harmful stimulants, Block the enzyme that converts Carbs into Fatty Cells. Also will raise Serotonin levels to eliminate emotional overeating, and no depression while dieting. Lowers Cortisol (the stress hormone) so no anxiety.

During a recent press conference, Steve had this to say: “Many people have asked me why I decided to introduce another weight-loss formula into the already crowded weight-loss arena. Adjuvan7 is unlike any other product on the market. I took the most proven weight-loss compounds and combined them in therapeutic dosages into one formula. Every desired attribute of a good diet capsule is in Adjuvan7. This is why my new formula works in more people than any single ingredient formula on the planet.”

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