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The IT World has needed this type of application for quite some time. Allows users to focus more on Application delivery and End User experience.

BENGALURU, INDIA, January 5, 2015, The IT Industry welcomed the news of APPanalyz, a SaaS Platform specifically for the purpose of Measuring, Monitoring and Analyzing Application Delivery. There were applications available, but they lack real time packet analysis, and it took a great amount of tech savvy to use them. APPanalyz is more user friendly, and can be used on servers both on-premises and in the Cloud. There is no software to install, and no packet capturing required, leaving the memory and resources of the server for other purposes. It is all about providing complete visibility into how business-critical Applications are being delivered to the end users.

Packet analysis involves ‘capturing’, (making a copy of), and inspecting network packets that flow between client and server devices. The IT Industry has used various tools over the years to accomplish this Deep Packet Analysis. Certain software applications are in use today, such as “Wireshark®”, but it must be installed on a workstation or laptop. Configuring this software is not for the “Tech Challenged” person. At the Enterprise Level, there are a number of vendors that offer specialized appliances to perform high-throughput and/or deep packet inspection. These tools can be very expensive to deploy, and are not scalable in the Cloud.

APPanalyz is the only company, that offers real time packet analysis as a service (SaaS), which can easily scale from a single application server to thousands of servers. Industry insiders are recognizing this new platform as an excellent solution for real-time monitoring and analyzing of an application’s end-user experience, and to understand how network, server, applications and their dependencies are influencing it. APPanalyz is ready to be executed for applications whether they are hosted on-premises or in the Cloud. All a user has to do to deploy this application is to sign-in for the services, download and run the analyzer either directly on the application server, or on the external host and start monitoring the application’s end-user experience and the key factors influencing it.

APPanalyz provides complete visibility into how business-critical Applications are being delivered to their end users. The application traffic analyzer seamlessly monitors business transactions between individual app components and helps to accelerate delivery of high-quality applications. This scalable application traffic analyzer proactively finds critical issues even before they impact the end user. APPanalyz is able to detect issues and link them to the services that are at risk to resolve the problem before the business’s service is affected.

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