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Until this study was undertaken, there has never been such an examination of all of the available scientific data on one weight-loss compound.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, January 5, 2015, After Green Coffee Bean Extract was featured on a weight-loss segment of the Dr. Oz Show, it took center stage. The compound became the subject of many clinical studies and ongoing research. This is what prompted a group of researchers at The University of Exeter in the UK, to perform a meta-analysis of all of the available scientific data to see if Green Coffee Bean Extract was effective as part of a weight-loss program. Using data from human clinical trials, it was determined that the test groups that received the extract, as opposed to a placebo, showed significant decreases in body weight.

Dr. Oz wanted to see for himself just how effective this extract from the green coffee bean could be in weight-loss. He decided to do something he had never done before on his TV show, in a very bold move, he organized a human study using over 100 members of his studio audience. This was to be a double-blind study, where the participants did not know if they were ingesting a placebo or the extract. Those folks that were given the Green Coffee Bean Extract shed an average of two-pounds in 2 weeks, and all without changing their normal diet. It was noted that if they had adhered to a sensible diet and performed a minimum of exercise, results would have been even more substantial.

Chlorogenic Acid is the primary active ingredient in this extract. The scientific community has discovered that the active ingredients in Green Coffee Bean Extract has the capability to block the actions of an enzyme group called glucose-6-phosphatase. These enzymes are the ones that release the glucose stored in the liver for use by the body as energy. If this action is not realized, the body will utilize fat stores as energy, and the result is a loss of fatty tissue. Dr. Oz stated that there should be at least a 45% dosage of Chlorogenic Acid in the formula.

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