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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, January 6, 2015, 2014, Fiik USA, the Global Leader in Electric Skateboards, was excited to announce that Chuck Patterson has joined the family of Brand Ambassadors. Chuck has spent decades developing a truckload of talents from the mountains to the ocean and everything in between. Honing skills during his formidable years on the slopes as a kid with his family in California, Chuck eventually pursued pro careers in not only snow skiing, but also surfing, kite surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and tow surfing. Chuck has a personality that is larger than life, but can still take the time with his sponsors, fans, and passerby’s to provide them with a level of respect that is unfortunately overlooked far too often these days. He’s what is called a ‘true-blue’ kind of guy, states National Sales & Marketing Manager, Chris Sears.”When creating a team and staff that would devote a family feel to the overall operation, Chuck was one of the first people that came to mind, having worked with him in the past”, added Sears.

Chuck Patterson is a GoPro athlete who documents much of his life during his day to day adventures. You never know what he is up to each day, and being able to follow that type of energy and zest for life through his social media posts provides inspiration to his followers as well as a grounding point to what is more important to everyday life. Whether it’s a body surfing session at dawn, a Stand Up paddle session at San Onofre with Great Whites at lunch, or dropping in to a 60 foot behemoth at Jaws on waterskis, you are always eager to see what type of situation Chuck is willing to put himself in.

Chuck will be adding FiiK USA to his current list of sponsors which include Naish, GoPro, Stickybumps, Hinano Tahiti, Rainbow Fins, Infinity surfboards, A3 bars, OnItPro, Oakley, Foundation Fit SC, Highsociety Free-ride, and Toyota of Orange. Patterson joins current team riders Joel Parkinson, Bede Durbidge, Owen Wright, Tyler Wright, Jamie Sterling, Oney Onwar, Pete Mendia, Reno Makani, and Corey Howell.

About FiiK:

Fiik is the undisputed Global Leader in Electric Skateboards. Engineered to premium quality, FiiK boards exceed extreme performance standards. FiiK Electric Skateboards have exclusively designed Lithium-Polymer (LiFePo4) battery-packs, Stepless Digital Throttle, Anti-Lock Braking, LED Safety Lighting, and a heap of other system and performance features. Just check the specs on every board. Whether you just ride to the beach for a surf check, head out to off-road dirt, or stick to hard-surface speed styling around the neighborhood, there’s a FiiK Electric Skateboard perfectly matched to you, and your style. Take a good look around, and see why FiiK is the world’s best. Accept No Imitations. Future Is In Knowledge.

For complete information, please visit: Fiik USA………..Electric Skateboards

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