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As a young child the odds were stacked against Billie King. She goes on to tell in her memoir how she overcame an extremely difficult childhood to become successful in the entertainment industry, writing songs under the name of Precious R. King.

San Diego, CA – Jan 21, 2015, Precious R. King, a successful song writer to the stars has released a memoir that details the daily abuse that she had gone through as a child and how she learned how to overcome it. In the memoir, writing under the pen name of Billie King, she details the trials and tribulations of a young girl growing up in the inner suburbs of Compton and later Los Angeles. Although now Billing King is extremely successful, she explained how she had lived in a home filled with drug addiction and dysfunction to name a couple.

During a recent interview, F. Finley with BlackAmericaWeb.com was quoted as saying, ‘Always exciting and captivating, King’s sharp recall highlights the characters, circumstances and events that give her memoir a true, authentic ring. This willingness to share her life with the public is a welcome stamp of rare, delicious honesty in her maiden voyage as a writer”.

In a world where political correctness has run amuck, Billie King stays true to her roots and moral code and decides to reveal all about her life in an effort to make the conversation more public and allow awareness to flourish through open discussions. She openly credits her deep love for her mother as a major source of inspiration and explains how it was that that helped her through many circumstances. King goes on to explain how she was able to see through the “drugs” and embrace only the best qualities that her mother had to offer.

Precious R. King, now writing under the pen name of Billie King, is no stranger to the spotlight having penned some of the hottest R & B tracks and has even appeared on Billboards Top 100 twice. King has quite a discography under her belt and this memoir seems to have taken her career to a new level. At a recent press conference, Billie King was quoted as saying, “I wrote my memoir not just to help other girls, but to also help myself. Coming out and revealing intimate details of my life is also therapeutic for myself, and I am just thrilled that I can somehow help other people along the way!”

King is now reported to be living in Southern California where she still writes music and screenplays. The author Billie King has an official website that can be accessed by clicking here or by following this link: http://www.bookblueking.com/.

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