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With recent world events, personal security is a major concern. The Security Store has solutions for all situations.

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA, January 23, 2015, As if criminals were not enough of a concern, now the threat of lone-wolf terrorists has taken center stage. People have always been concerned about their personal safety, and that of their families. Not everyone wants carry a lethal weapon, even if their state alllows it. This is why The Security Store has launched a personal security web portal that makes available all types of self-defense and security products to everyone.

Whether it’s for working late at night, bringing cash receipts to the bank, or just out jogging, the correct security solution can be found on this site. The use of Stun Guns and Pepper Spray has increased year after year. In many cases, a hand-held Stun Gun has made the difference between life and death. While it is always recommended to not make close contact with an assailant, sometimes it cannot be avoided, if they attack, a Stun Gun will change their mind very quickly. To keep would-be assailants at bay, there is nothing like a good blast of quality Pepper Spray. The beauty of Pepper Spray is that multiple attackers can be stopped in their tracks, and at a safe distance. A huge selection of Stun Guns and Pepper Sprays can be found on TheSecurityStore.org. Keep in mind that Pepper Sprays have expiration dates, so it is important to keep a fresh supply.

Another item for hand-held security are the Metal Batons. These inexpensive devices actually telescope-out with the flick of the wrist. They can be used to easily repel a knife attacker. The site also features Surveillance Cameras and DVR Recorders which help create a record of events for the home or business. Hidden Cameras are great to keep watch on Babysitters or employees in sensitive areas. Many times, cameras are placed above Cash Register locations for observation.

Retail and warehouse operations that are faced with theft and pilferage should consider combining both real and Dummy Cameras on the premises. These fake cameras look like the real thing, but cost a fraction of an actual working camera. Companies that have employed this approach report a marked drop in theft of inventory.

The point is that people should not wait until they become a victim of a violent crime or a burglary before they step-up and take steps to provide security for themselves and their family.

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