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New York City and surrounding area home buyers finally have sensible options when seeking to purchase a new home. New web portal promises to give back an average of $8,000 at closing.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, January 28, 2015, There are thousands of home-buying websites on the Internet covering all regions of the USA. New York City home buyers were just given a new home-buying platform that is unlike any other. CityRaven.com was recently launched and is already changing the way real estate transactions are done. The cumbersome, and time consuming real-estate home buying process was due for an upgrade, and CityRaven’s founders, Val Tsanev and Ula Dzhuraboev, were driven by past experiences to develop a unique transactional online real estate marketplace. Their goal was to streamline the entire buying process and make it more cost effective and time efficient. They not only accomplished their goal, they exceeded it.

CityRaven promises to give-back a percentage of the purchase price at closing. This is independent of any other parts of the deal. Home buyers are thrilled at the idea of getting back an average of $8,000. New York City and surrounding area home buyers now have a choice of two options, and they are both industry firsts: The buyer can use the proprietary online buying platform of CityRaven, and go through the buying process without hiring a broker, and receive a 1.5%+ rebate, or the buyer can hire a pre-qualified real estate broker, allowed on CityRaven marketplace by invitation only.

A potential home buyer can login to the site, and have use of CityRaven’s proprietary patent pending online platform to search 95% of all available homes for sale in the NYC area. While they are on the site, there are resources available for the home buyer to contact pre-qualified real estate agents, real estate attorneys, lenders, title insurance representatives and go through the home buying process online. As envisioned by the founders, the entire home buying process is streamlined, and the normal four months until closing the deal is shaved down to a few weeks. The benefits to the stakeholders are enormous. This user friendly site provides access to over 10,000 listed homes. An interested home buyer need only to click one button, “Start The Buying Process”, and they are on their way to buying a new home with ease like never before.

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