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In the USA alone more than 37 million people suffer from migraines, with at least one migraine sufferer per household. With a lack of effective supplements to treat the migraine at its core, many migraine sufferers are left high and dry, and in pain. 

AIRMONT, NEW YORK, January 30, 2015, Vita Sciences made headlines today with the announcement of their product “Migravent.” Migravent is an all natural dietary supplement that uses key clinically studied ingredients, including Butterbur (PA free), Riboflavin, Magnesium and CoQ10. Scientists have been able to identify certain nutritional deficiencies among migraine sufferers. Vita Sciences has developed a formula to correct these deficiencies. The company utilizes fast-absorb technology by including Bioperine, a patented ingredient to increase absorption rates. Click here to learn about Migravent.

During a recent press event, the company spokesperson for Vita Sciences was quoted as saying, “After exhaustive research, we have finally developed a formula that addresses deficiencies in crucial B Vitamins and other Minerals. We are elated at the success of Migravent, but we are even happier that our customers are seeing results and feeling better.”

Migravent was featured on CBS News as a breakthrough supplement used by migraine sufferers. During the interview on CBS, a board certified neurologist stated he recommends Migravent to his patients. There are many supplements on store shelves, but Migravent seems to already have a following of happy users.

To learn more about the ingredients in the all new supplement Migravent, click here, or visit their official website at http://www.migravent.com.

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