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The program can be customized/branded with the Police Department’s credentials. Creates a whole new paradigm in Police interaction with the community.

SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA, February 3, 2015, Lately, the News outlets have been reporting on the negative aspects of the role of Police in the local communities. A new program released by Trax4Life will help to show the brighter side, as it brings law enforcement closer with the kid’s in their local communities. The program not only is educational and informative for the kids, but it gives the Police a chance to step into the classroom, and do presentations that the kids will enjoy while showing them that Police are there to help, and not be feared. This is all about School Safety Resources for Educators and Law-Enforcement.

Trax4Life is created by professionals to be the solution for affordable, ready-to-go and highly effective materials to be used for school presentations. This is not the boring activity packs that have been around for years. These are fun-filled activity packs that make it easy to develop unique and entertaining school talks. Presentations must be exciting and fun in order to hold the kid’s attention. Interaction is the key to having what was presented retained. This is the easiest way to have a Police Force show-up for a school talk and look really professional and prepared.

There are a wide range of products available in several formats, and different subject matter. These Lesson Plans and Worksheets include: Safe, Responsible and Respectful Hallway Behavior, Cyberbullying, and Shoplifting. Police School Presentation Packages include: Kids on Internet Safety Grades 1-6, “Police in Schools” Discussion Guides for Grades 7-12, Discovery Guide on The School Resource Officer, and a Discovery Guide for Elementary Grades on Police Handcuffs. Also, Short Audio Adventures, Lesson Plans and Worksheets, such as: Drop of Doom – Drug Education Audio Drama, Lesson Plan and Worksheets on Street Drugs – Grades 1-2-3, Drop of Doom – Drug Education Audio Drama, Lesson Plan and Worksheets on Street Drugs – Grades 4-5-6, great for educating students about street drugs, with a focus on the drug pusher.

Trax4Life is well respected for their “Fool’s Peak – Audio Adventure and Kids Magazine on Internet Safety”. This is so much more than just a Police Presentation, it takes the kids on an adventure. A highly entertaining character education audio adventure on internet safety. Over 25-minutes of attention grabbing entertainment that will retain the students’ attention. The program also includes take-home activity sheets that clearly explain to parents what you’ve been teaching and get them involved. While the kids are listening to the audio story, they can work with the articles, puzzles and interactive pages that will reinforce the concepts presented in the audio drama.

For complete information, please visit: Police School Talks Made Easy

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