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The most successful job candidates are extremely cautious about committing any of these disastrous Interview Bloopers.

ORLAND PARK, ILLINOIS, February 5, 2015, Even the most appealing job candidates can destroy their possibilities of being hired by committing one or more of these Top Ten Interview Bloopers. In this current economy, it is difficult enough to land that perfect position, so it makes a lot of sense to be on top of the game. My Future Consulting has put together this intriguing list of things to avoid relating to job interviews, and they should know. MFC is a boutique Executive Search and Recruitment Company whose reach is Nationwide. They have risen to the top of this industry by understanding and accepting the challenge of successfully recruiting diverse candidates (race, gender, experience, insights, perspective etc.) in a competitive job market….with proven results.

So, without further ado, here is their list:

1. Arriving Late For The Interview

2. Failure To Bring Extra Copies of The Resume To The Interview

3. Failure To Greet Interviewer

4. Failure To Research Company Prior To Interview

5. Forgetting To Turn-Off Cellphone During Interview

6. Initiating Inappropriate Discussion During Interview

7. Not Familiar With Information In Resume

8. Poor Attire For Interview

9. Providing No References In Interview

10. Having No Questions For Interviewer

All of these items are discussed in detail on the MFC website blog, and a worthwhile read. The days of doing-it alone, and not using the services of an experienced job search and recruitment firm are over. The most successful job seekers are those that know when to seek third-party help. My Future Consulting is a Minority Owned Firm that boasts a staff with a total of 117 years of experience in this field. They have enjoyed partnering with the likes of: Nestle USA, Nationwide Insurance, Georgia Pacific, Koch Industries, and Ernst & Young, to name a few.

During a recent interview, an MFC spokesperson explained their Mission this way: “Our Mission is to deliver the very best multicultural talent in answer to our clients’ resourcing needs, and to help our diverse pool of professionals effectively and dynamically apply their skills to today’s job market.

We deliver on this mission by taking a detail-oriented, personal approach — the kind of approach that only a boutique firm can. We handpick candidates and help them to manifest their full potential as professionals, while also customizing the right fit for them at the right company. This approach forges the kind of long-term relationships that add value for years to come for all involved.”

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