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Developed over several years of research and designed based on skin type, Dr. Moricz “cracked the code” on what a skin by skin beauty result should really look like – a more youthful you!

TEXARKANA, TEXAS, February 18, 2015, Every women would like to erase the signs of aging from their face. Over the counter skin products offer limited success. Skin types are like fingerprints, no two are the same. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, and thus, so are skin types. Each component of Dr. Moricz’s miraculous skin system is formulated based on the clients individual skin type, which is analyzed. Dr. Moricz’s amazing formula isn’t exclusively just for his VIP female clientele anymore. Now ladies all around the country will be raving about what this Exclusive European Rejuvenator line has done for them.

It is now possible to look ten years younger in ten days. All this without surgery or dangerous chemicals. It can be done, and is being done every day by Physicians like George Moricz, MD, and Jeanette Jacknin M.D. During a recent interview, Dr. Jacknin made these comments: “A healthy diet and vitamins and minerals have been shown in many studies to reduce the appearance of aging and wrinkling.” This board-certified dermatologist is also the author of “Smart Medicine for Your Skin”, a 400 page integrative dermatology book, available at www.drjacknin.com.

Dr. Moricz, an anti-aging doctor, was able to crack the code of the brain’s sleep chemistry, which is directly related to inflammation and hormonal changes due to diet, environment, and other factors. Alongside his patented Hormone Blueprint System™, www.hormoneblueprint.com, he developed an integrated system of all-natural pharmaceutical grade supplements that work with the brain’s chemistry to restore the hormonal balance to where it was at the age of 20 – based on the reality that youth is perfect health.

Unimpressed by standard bottled preparations sold with heavy marketing and pretty designs, Dr. Moricz set out to deliver a game changing beauty transformation for his very picky VIP female clientele. The lucky few who used it said it works like magic. The entire process takes literally a few minutes in the morning and evening and insiders say there is nothing like it for anyone who wants to look younger than their years.

We caught up with Dr. Moricz after a recent press conference, and he had this to say: “For years, VIP clients have been asking the same question. “How do I become the center of social attention by looking so stunningly amazing?” So naturally, I went to work and researched multiple approaches, and not surprisingly found that most of what’s on the market has really nothing to do with looking amazingly stunning at all. It is the “Shotgun Approach”, and has very limited results. By analyzing in detail each client’s skin, I am able to formulate a product individualized to return the youthful appearance to all skin types.”

His latest book, Body Hormone Balance Revolution, is truly an insiders guide to recharging youthful sexuality. People should ask themselves: When they wake-up in the morning, are they full of energy and anxious to start their day? If not, this Concierge Doctor can put them on the right path, and they can join his other Clients that have felt the rejuvenating power of the “Body Hormone Balance Revolution”.

Over the past 10 years, Dr. Moricz developed what is now known as the BODY HORMONE BALANCE SYSTEM. Founder of the “HORMONAL BLUEPRINT SYSTEM” and author of the Body Hormone Balance Revolution, Dr. Moricz has been transforming lives with the Body Hormone Balance Anti-Aging System. His background and expertise in hormones has enabled him to care for a number of clients suffering with hormonal imbalance, fatigue and weight management issues. The range of services that his BODY HORMONE BALANCE Program provides include: bioidentical hormone therapy, nutraceutical supplementation and modern therapeutic approaches for healthy and youthful aging.

For complete information, please visit: The Body Hormone Balance Revolution

Visit YouTube for an eye-opening look into Dr. Moricz’s successful protocols.

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