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“Learn how districts deny, delay and suspend services and sit back and wait for parents to either give up or hire an advocate after their child has already failed within the educational system. Come learn how to REALLY get what your child needs and deserves legally that a district will never tell you.

SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA, February 22, 2015, It’s time for parents of Children with Special Needs to wake-up and face the reality that school districts may not be looking out for the child’s best interests, as they conflict with the school district’s best interests. This is a wake-up call to all parents that want access to the best programs and services for their special needs child. The situation is critical, and unfortunately, many of these children will never realize their full potential. This is why it is imperative to attend one of Martina Sholiton’s, Founder of PACES, (Parental Advocacy for Children in Exceptional Situations), special Seminars for parents of Children with Special Needs.

A word to the wise is to not try and go it alone when dealing with the bureaucratic nightmare of getting what is rightfully yours. Parents become mesmerized by fancy verbiage and acronyms, but what they often all mean is that deceit is in the air. Martina, was a veteran insider of the School Board Bureaucratic maze. PACES is her vehicle to right the wrongs she has observed when parents go in blindly to deal with the school districts. Martina has developed the ability to reduce all of the jargon into easy to understand terminology. She is the former Director of Special Education in San Jose Unified School District and Assistant Superintendent in charge of Special Education in Monterey County. Parents leave these Seminars feeling empowered, with a new sense of understanding how things really work within these school district meetings.

Martina Sholiton will be presenting a unique Seminar on March 14, 2015. Attendees will learn how to properly prepare for the IEP, and how to control the meeting so they are in charge. Learn what must be known that they won’t tell you. Stop the delaying tactics employed by the school districts. The PACES Seminar is entitled: “My Child Has an IEP – How Do I Get What I Need?”. It will be held on March 14, from 9am to 1pm, at 81 Daggett Dr., San Jose, CA 95134. Bring your IEP because 12pm to 1pm will be Q & A only. Registration is available online at: http://www.paces.solutions/my-child-has-an-iep/

Martina will be attending a Fair at the Westfield Mall in Silicone Valley on March 7, and is a great opportunity for parents to stop by and say hello and Register for the March 14 Seminar. The Westfield Mall Fair is an open house for all parents to see an elaborate amount of Summer Programs and camps for all children with all types of special talents and needs.

For complete information on PACES programs, please visit: PACES Solutions

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