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“The chapters explore a range of potential roadblocks from inadequate support systems, stereotypes and mental and emotional energy to defining our expectations and taking care of one’s health and spirit.”

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, February 26, 2015, The life experiences of Deborah Gray-Young placed her in a very unique position to be able to offer women of color in-depth insight into navigating through and around the roadblocks erected by society. It is no secret that women have always had to fight for an equal place in the workplace, but women of color have to also surmount the historical stereotypes imposed by the mainstream corporate world. This is what prompted Deborah to write “You 3.0 – A Guide to Overcoming Roadblocks for Professional Women of Color”. It is time to effectively deal with being frequently ignored, seldom taken seriously and often stifled by low expectations. Women of color no longer need to feel they must acquiesce to sitting on the sidelines of professional success. Her new book provides a genuine feeling of empowerment.

Women of color continue to face challenges with being taken seriously. While it is true that some are making strides in the right direction, others are feeling the frustration and disappointed of not being treated fairly and not being rewarded and advanced on merit. The result is women of color are leaving corporate America in droves every single year. This translates into not being represented within the corporations that develop and deliver products and services into their communities. Each chapter of “YOU 3.0” concludes with questions and exercises designed to help the reader work through the roadblocks they may be facing and begin to build a strategy and a plan of action.

During a recent interview, Deborah made these comments: “YOU 3.0 is you in your prime. The “YOU 3.0″ approach is a set of tools that helps you recognize, acknowledge and better understand who you are and how others see you. It was a pleasure assembling this book for you. It is my hope that you will find it inspiring, thought provoking but most of all, useful.”

Deborah Gray-Young is a Vice President, Media Director, at a Chicago based advertising agency and a Certified Personal and Executive Coach. Deborah is the 2013 recipient of the MAAX Advertising Executive of the Year Award, and serves as the vice-chair of the external advisory council for Nielsen, the leading global research company.

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