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Viability and sustainability are two of the most important words when it comes to farming. Interestingly enough, those same two words are equally as important when it comes to investing. Own a Farm, Inc. has brought the two together to create a truly unique investment.

Apache Junction, AZ – March 1, 2015, Own a Farm, Inc. has made headlines with the announcement of an exciting partnership with Cropland Farms – Southwest. The two powerhouse companies have come together in an effort to bring farming investments to the mainstream. Own a Farm, Inc. offers a unique and inexpensive way to own a farm. The MLP owns the land and receives revenues from the crops of farmlands.

Own a Farm, Inc. ,based in Apache Junction, Arizona, was founded in 2011 by Dr. Robert Lee using a unique business prospectus. The company buys a core acreage and then builds around that core up to a 4,000 acre farm, because this size is the correct size to bring about an economies-of-scale. The MLP’s (Master Limited Partnership) 4,000 consolidated acres are owned by the partners. The company, via the MLP program, passes 90% of the profits to partners. Own a Farm, Inc. is the General Partner holding 2% of the available units of a Master Limited Partnership (MLP) named United States Cropland Farms – SouthWest.

During a recent press conference, the Founder of Own a Farm, Inc. Dr. Lee was quoted as saying, “Fiat currency is a reason to invest in cropland farms. With Japan and the US currently heavily engaged in a currency war, the value of currency is falling rapidly. It appears that the world currency “gold” has found a peak and will float along for some time. Farming land is about the only true asset class left in the United States.” He went on to say, “Fiat currency is a reason to invest in cropland farms. Fiat currencies have never failed to collapse – not once in history.”

When investing in anything, albeit Stocks, Bonds, or Farming, it is important to do your due diligence and make sure that it matches your expectations before handing over your hard earned cash. For more information on becoming a farm owner and claiming your stake of profits in farming, visit Own a Farm’s official website: http://www.ownafarm-us.com or simply click here.

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