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“The Young Professional’s Handbook is offered as a primer to the young professional embarking on a career in the corporate world, as well as those with entrepreneurial aspirations.”

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, March 6, 2015, Fans of Deborah Gray-Young will be delighted to hear that she has released her latest work, entitled: “The Young Professionals Handbook – Some Things You Need to Know Before and After You Get the Job”. Her book has been hailed as “empowering”, and is for all those young people struggling to make heads or tails out of their journey into the corporate world. They no longer have to walk alone, as Deborah has penned this handbook based on years of experience interviewing, managing and observing young professionals. “The Young Professionals Handbook” is a practical guide full of useful information. Some things are learned along the way, but many things can be learned at the beginning of the journey. Those people that avail themselves of this knowledge will be able to better position themselves in this competitive market.

“The Young Professionals Handbook” is divided into three sections and has 16 Chapters chock-full of Tips, explanations, advice and how to use corporate protocols to one’s advantage. This well-thought out handbook starts out with a section about (1) Getting the Job: What are the best resources for researching the industry you are interested in? The best questions are based on what you know. How do you develop informed questions?, the next section (2) is about Keeping the Job: Do you know how to manage up? What shouldn’t you be doing on company time?, and the last section (3) covers Professional Development: Are You a Student of Your Craft? What are the steps to identifying a mentor?

Her book has been garnering rave reviews, and has already helped many people climb the corporate ladder while avoiding the built-in pitfalls. Take a look at what Geraldy, a verified Amazon buyer, had to say: “Every young person from the High School Senior – College graduate should read and take to heart the advice. Parents of these young people should also read it so that they understand what will be expected of their offspring as they head out into the world of business. It is simply put and easy to understand. Thanks Deborah Gray-Young for taking the time to write this.”

Deborah Gray-Young is a Vice President, Media Director, at a Chicago based advertising agency and a Certified Personal and Executive Coach. She is a highly regarded marketing communications professional with extensive experience developing cross platform strategies for a wide range of Fortune 500 companies. Deborah is the 2013 recipient of the MAAX Advertising Executive of the Year Award, and serves as the vice-chair of the external advisory council for Nielsen, the leading global research company.

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