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“Learn how to keep districts on their toes, keep the services on your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) so he or she makes progress and how to keep the district accountable for their commitments to your child’s success.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, March 9, 2015, Seminar Day is fast approaching, and Parents of Children with Special Needs should mark their Calendar and make sure they attend the PACES Seminar, presented by Martina Sholiton. This is the time to stand-up and take control when confronted by the School District’s endless bureaucracy and maze of rules. Martina will enlighten all attendees in the ways of dealing with these officials from a position of strength. Knowledge is power, and the PACES Seminar empowers parents to seek and obtain the services their child with special needs requires and is entitled to. School District officials have a built-in Conflict of Interests. How can they safeguard Parent’s needs for their child with protecting the interests of the School District? The answer is obvious to everyone that has been put through the mill during one of these special meetings. Time for a change.

Without the help of someone like Martina, Parents are easily deceived by fancy acronyms, abbreviations, and non-existent statutes and rules designed to be a “Ruse” on the unsuspecting Parent. Truth becomes an elusive concept. Things can change, and they are for the Parents that attend one of these PACES Seminars. These Seminars are being presented by none other than Martina Sholiton, Founder of PACES, (Parental Advocacy for Children in Exceptional Situations). Martina learned the inner secrets of the school district’s maze of rules and make-believe rules from the trenches. She is the former Director of Special Education in San Jose Unified School District and Assistant Superintendent in charge of Special Education in Monterey County. PACES was created to stop Parents from being given the run around, or worse.

Martina Sholiton will be the presenter at a special Seminar scheduled for March 14, 2015. Attendees will learn how to properly prepare for the IEP, and how to control the meeting so they are in charge. The objective is to teach everyone what must be known that the School Districts won’t reveal. Stop the delaying tactics employed by the school districts. The PACES Seminar is entitled: “My Child Has an IEP – How Do I Get What I Need?”. It will be held on March 14, from 9am to 1pm, at 81 Daggett Dr., San Jose, CA 95134. Bring your IEP because 12pm to 1pm will be Q & A only. Registration is available online at: http://www.paces.solutions/my-child-has-an-iep/

For complete information on PACES programs, please visit: PACES Solutions

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