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Attendees will learn what it takes to be successful as a Grey Entrepreneur in this Digital world.

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, March 12, 2015, Many 50+ individuals are not ready to turn-off their Entrepreneurial energies. Some of them just love the business world, and some folks need the money. Still others see retirement as a negative thing. Thank goodness that there is a company that specializes in marketing and advice for the aspiring 50+ empire builders, also called olderpreneurs. 13th Beach Marketing, based out of Drysdale, Australia, has rolled out a series of Workshops that will give some clarity in how to go about starting a business, or expanding one, when a person is 50 years old, or even alot older. The Workshops will be presented by none other than Nigel Rawlins, well known for his educational Blogs on the subject, and for his marketing savvy.

13th Beach Marketing has planned several Workshops for the months of March, April and throughout the year. They have made arrangements for several different venues as well. Nigel works with people to help define the best digital strategy and marketing focus. Clients learn how to attract, nurture, convert and retain customers, while always welcoming new prospects as well. In such a competitive marketplace, Entrepreneurs need all the help they can get. It makes little sense to go it alone, by trial and error, while spending a fortune on mistakes. Working with a specialist like Nigel makes a lot of sense, and is a way to circumvent all of the disasters that befall many would-be Entrepreneurs.

During a recent interview, Nigel made these comments: “I don’t just talk, read books and sprout wisdom, I actually do this stuff having worked with clients to build and promote more than 50 websites including ecommerce sites. I do spend a lot of my time learning new stuff and applying it. I’ve also experimented and trialled a lot of online programs and used them. Made lots of mistakes. And blown lots of money. That means I can save you heaps of time and money for your projects or plans, especially integrating with social media.” He goes on to say: “I can save you money, time and the frustration of making costly choices that won’t help your business get off the ground and grow.” Nigel is also available for coaching and mentoring.

Customer Testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Gail Greatorex, of Product Safety Solutions, had to say: “Nigel has been an enormous help to me in setting up my business. He is across so many aspects of running a small business, but especially the marketing. He is very knowledgeable and thoughtful in recommending strategies to build a client base and gain momentum. This includes advising on what’s worth spending money on, and what isn’t. And he’s very personable. Highly recommended.”

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