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In a move that stunned the industry, Umble has created a new “social experience” that encourages the use of freelance guides and local hosts in an effort to connect with local people and share real experiences.

Los Angeles, CA – March 24, 2015, Umble has made headlines today with the announcement of the first ever Peer to Peer travel service and website, Umble.org. Umble has embarked on creating a website that is unlike any other within the travel industry, where holiday makers can book freelance non-professional guides and save a ton of money while doing it. It is said that someone that uses this service can save 50% or more and a great alternative to paying top dollar at the bigger companies.

Umble.org is a “peer to peer” based website that allows users to connect and share experiences worldwide . Alternatively, Umble is also always looking for new freelance guides and hosts to sign up and offer their services for which they will get paid to provide to the websites’ users. The company spokesperson for Umble.org was recently quoted as saying, “Umble essentially is a travel and hobby website where the experiences and services are provided by ‘average persons’ much like the AirBnB of the tour and travel industry.”

During a recent press conference, the company spokesperson for Umble.org was quoted as saying, “This concept was designed with the guest in mind. Imagine going to a cooking class with a local in their own home, sailing on a yacht to a secluded beach with the owner as your private guide or discovering the secret breaks that only your local instructor knows about….at a fraction of the cost of what the larger companies charge!” It is clear that this website appeals to both holiday-makers and freelance guides that want to cash in on the tourist boom.

To learn more about the launch of Umble.org or to sign up as a freelance guide, host or instructor, visit their official website at http://www.umble.org or simply click here .

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