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This visionary and entrepreneur is currently bringing his strong real estate development insights to South Florida. The beaches of Miami are even hotter now with this new Italian philanthropist in town.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, March 25, 2015, Italian real estate developer Antonio Velardo is bringing his vast knowledge to South Florida. This intuitive businessman was born into a family that has been in the construction business since the 1800’s. Mr. Velardo understands all aspects of construction, restoration, buying and selling of all types of properties. It is this expertise that will help continue to build the Miami and Fort Lauderdale region of South Florida. This insightful entrepreneur is sure to propel the real estate market to the next level.

Besides being an extremely successful real estate developer, Antonio Velardo shares his wealth and knowledge with many people. He has made many charitable contributions, and enjoys backing new venture capitalists while teaching them about the real estate industry. Antonio Velardo’s name is one that will surely be well known in Florida very soon. With his Italian heritage, vast knowledge, and philanthropist attitude, he manages to stand out from and even above the entrepreneurial crowd of South Beach.

Antonio Velardo in his philanthropic endeavors is now starting a new campaign to offer help to the senior citizens who are in need. Having come from a modest background himself, Velardo acknowledges the effort that the elders have put into guiding and molding the young people of his generation. Now, residing in South Florida, Velardo has high hopes to start with the ones living in the area from Fort Lauderdale to Miami who are 65 years of age and older. Some sources believe that this new initiative on the part of Antonio can go a long way in motivating other big businessmen and tycoons to take similar steps for the welfare of the society.

During a recent interview, Antonio Velardo made these comments: “Call me a softie, but when I see so much need in our own back yard, I want to do whatever I can to ease the pain and struggles of others. Anyone can fall on hard times and I like to think we should all help each other. That is why I have decided to share my wealth with those who could truly benefit from it. He goes on to say: “I realize that many people above the age of 65, especially those in real need, do not often have access to a computer or perhaps even basic computer skills. This is where I will rely on my friends and visitors, to nominate someone and share his/her story and help spread the word so that together we can have a great impact and help our cherished neighbors, friends and family.”

Antonio Velardo has been known for his tenacious determination and commitment as one who has steadily reached great heights since leaving the field of aviation in 2008. Having founded a capital venture firm in Tunis with special interest in the real estate market in the USA, Antonio Velardo has played a large role in flourishing developments and housing spanning across the globe from Italy to the USA, to Spain and Tunisia.

Through his blog, Velardo not only aspires to share advice and thoughts for future startups and entrepreneurs, but he also wishes to serve the community, working towards development and long term sustainability for seniors. Antonio feels that this is the right time to give something back to the community, which is highlighted by his deep interest and desire to promote “Antonio Velardo’s Charitable Campaign.” The complete details and the execution plan shall be available on his blog, for all to see, in the near future. One can also share their initial feedback and thoughts on his charity blog as well.

For complete information, please visit: http://www.antoniovelardoblog.com/charity/

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