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“Whether a new rider or riding for many years, choosing the right helmet means the difference between a secure, comfortable and protected head compared to one that is exposed and vulnerable to unforeseen events.”

ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA , March 28, 2015, All it takes is a life changing event to make a person rearrange their priorities. After Jonathan Dillon had a near fatal motorcycle crash, he realized that having the correct helmet saved his life, and he should tell the world. This is how the BestMotorcycleHelmetGuide.net was born. The site provides a wealth of information and reviews about all kinds of motorcycle helmets, including the line that saved Jonathan’s life. The site has been designed so that everybody planning on buying a helmet should stop there first, and check the reviews. Jonathan has partnered with Amazon.com to be able to offer the best prices on a vast array of helmets. From 3/4 helmets to full coverage with Bluetooth, it’s all there. The site is attractive, user friendly and easy to navigate.

The BestMotorcycleHelmetGuide.net is for the novice as well as the road-hardened rider. The different helmet styles are explained in relation to different riding styles. The full gamut of prices is represented, from economy models to the most cutting-edge helmets. Visitors will learn about the importance of the helmet being Snell or DOT certified. The Helmet Fitting Guide makes sizing a snap. A company spokesperson explained that first time riders should view their helmet purchase as an investment. It is an investment in head safety, and perhaps a life saving investment. It’s all in the way the helmet fits, like a good pair of shoes, it must feel just right. Not too tight and not too loose. To heighten a riding experience, there is all the information you need on Bluetooth helmets and Communication units.

Riders are encouraged to visit a helmet store and try on different helmets. See what the differences are, check the prices, and then check the reviews on this site. Most people are blown away at the savings they can realize by buying a helmet on the site. Imagine learning which brands sell the most helmets, and which ones are returned most often. The site features such information as: safety features, design and head coverage, helmet material and strength, EPS -impact absorption, visor and shield options, and the best communication units.

For complete information, please visit: The BestMotorcycleHelmetGuide.net

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