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Airline Tickets can now be purchased on installment plans. Several options presented. The epitome of convenience.

MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, March 30, 2015, Booking flights often means “sticker shock” when the prices are revealed. Everything is extra nowadays, and some folks are priced right out of buying a ticket. All that is changed with the launching of FlightLayAway.com, where travelers can pay for their purchase through installments. No doubt that a lot more people will be flying now that they can stretch out the payment schedule. Maybe there is not enough cash-on-hand to pay for airline flight tickets, but that doesn’t have to stop anyone from taking to the air anymore.

Imagine, there are deals offered by the Airlines on a moments notice. Lump sum payments are a real drain on cash reserves. All a traveler has to do is logon to FlightLayAway.com, choose a flight deal, and proceed to the Payment Calculator to see what the payments will be according to their desired terms. Sounds pretty easy, and it gets better. Travelers are not limited to seeking deals with the Airlines, as they can also shop through Travel Agents worldwide. This site is the place to go to compare flight options, including flight times, destinations, dates, prices, and numerous airlines on their Deals page. Customers say that the website is easy to navigate, user friendly and is a pleasure to browse.

The company reports that Customer Testimonials have been pouring in and show how much they love the service, savings, and the installment plans. Take a look at what Kenny Taylor of Los Angeles had to say: “I can finally take my whole family on a vacation without coming up with a huge sum of money all at once.”, or Barry Seltzer of Portland, Oregon: “I have finally booked my dream vacation. Not only got the best prices, but the chance to use installment payments. My thanks to the team at FlightLayAway.”

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