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A dull knife is a dangerous knife. All professional Chefs use very sharp knives for the best food preparation results.

SUNRISE, FLORIDA, April 3, 2015, A knife can be a useful tool in the kitchen, or it can become a hazardous item, as a dull knife is a dangerous knife. It takes more downward force to make a cut with a dull knife. This can cause the knife to slide off whatever is being cut and cause a serious laceration. Dull knives also damage the foods they are cutting because as they begin their cut, they depress the surface of the food item, this causes cellular damage inside the fruit, vegetable, and other food items as well. The knife is not cutting cleanly, it is “ripping” its way through leaving a ragged cut, accelerating wilting and discoloration.

Maintaining super sharp knives just got a lot easier with the release of the Ultimate Diamond Knife Sharpener by Kitchen Gizmos. The company has appointed Amazon.com as their exclusive worldwide distributor. They reportedly chose Amazon because they are the highest rated in Customer Service of any online selling platform. Their new Diamond Knife Sharpener is truly a second-generation knife sharpener. It features Coarse & Fine Slots for exact and speedy knife sharpening. There are no cheap carbide steel parts or ceramics on the unit. This is one kitchen gadget that will be used very often.

The sharpening tool has the look and feel of a professional piece of kitchen hardware. It has a large handle for safe and precision operation. The cutting slots are even angled to ensure the proper cutting angle every time a blade is passed through. Stainless Steel components are rust resistant and will last a lifetime. Professional Chefs enjoy their work more when they use the sharpest knives, cutting anything becomes easy and precise. Food preparation is a snap with a sharp blade. Kitchen Gizmos is so confident in their new knife sharpener that they are offering a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee.

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