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A call is out for people to donate those old Apple iPod Shuffles. The Music & Memory Project needs them to provide music to elders.

WEST LINN, OREGON, April 8, 2015, The folks at InWallStore.com have announced their participation in a charitable venture called “Shuffle For Henry”. This is really a remarkable program that is bringing music to the ears of some very seriously demented elder patients. When they have the earphones placed on their head, and the music starts, it’s an incredible site to see them as they emerge from the dark place of dementia. Suddenly everything is changed: They start to become animated, their eyes open wide, and they sing with the songs. After the headphones are removed, they have been able to hold a conversation, answer questions, and dig out memories of days gone by.

Behind all of this magic is the Music & Memory Project, who utilize those old iPod Apple Shuffles. InWallStore is asking everybody to check their drawers, and donate their old iPod Shuffles. Henry suffered from dementia for a decade and barely said a word to anyone, that is until Music & Memory set up an iPod program at his nursing home. The results were nothing short of a miracle. The video on the site shows it as it took place. Watch Henry emerge from his Dementia, and reconnect again. This program has accomplished what drugs and surgery have not.

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