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Already renown as “The Blogging Coach”, Kelly rolls out her 8-week program.

TROUTDALE, OREGON, April 21, 2015, Everybody knows its easy to put-up a WordPress Blog, but it is another matter to become a successful money-making Blogger. It can be a daunting task to stay laser focused in light of a lack of traffic. No doubt that a lot of Bloggers and would-be Bloggers will be delighted that none other than Kelly Bejelly has launched several programs to bring clarity and success to all of the Blogger wannabe’s out there. Her new website, BloggingBlueprint.co has been receiving rave reviews from Bloggers everywhere. Now it is easy to make the leap from a Blog that is just coasting along the cyber highway, to a Blog that people are actually attracted to, and can bring in the bucks.

In the business world, it is called OPB (Other Peoples Brains), and that is just what Kelly is offering on her site. She is inviting everyone interested in Blogging to use her brains, and become empowered just the way she was when she discovered her proven plan to Blogging success. Kelly’s Blogging Blueprint Course lays it all out, a blueprint to follow. Blogging Blueprint Group Coaching is an 8-week journey through the world of Blogging. In their weekly group coaching video-call, they will break down each module as everybody goes through them.

This course is a total immersion into the concepts that translate into successful Blogging. Subjects covered include: Changing One’s Thinking About Making Money, Creating Products of Value, SEO Knowledge, Creating Content That Gets Results, Make The Blog Stand-Out, Multiple Streams of Passive Income From Ad Networks and Affiliate Products, Working With The Brands Most Loved, and all about using Facebook the right way. Member Testimonials have been pouring in and show how much this course is loved. Take a look at what Jessica Espinoza, a pro Blogger, has to say: “I highly recommend this course for anyone struggling to turn their blog into a business. Kelly has created a very easy to follow program that gives you tools you need, from mindset to launching, it’s all in there.”

BloggingBlueprint.co also offers a course or video on “Effective Use of Ads” on one’s Blogsite. Kelly went from barely making $200 a month to making anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000 per month, and explains exactly how she did this. Her one-hour Webinar teaches: Exactly where to place ads for the best click through rates, the best networks to apply to and what questions should be asked of people that approach you, Rotating Ads, how to use the plug-in called “Ad Injection”, and much more info. Ashley, a verified member, had this to say about this course: “Three months ago, I realized I should look into putting ads on my site. I turned to Kelly for help, and followed her simple instructions regarding ad networks, sizes and placement. Her instructions made what could have been an overwhelming task simpler, much easier.”

Kelly included a blockbuster “SEO Is Sexy” group of Video Tutorials. Learn about the right WordPress signals that attract the SEO Bots. Using the Yoast Plugin for max affect. Where to Ping when a Post is published. Setting up landing pages. Using SEO for niche targeting, and brainstorming new products/posts.

For complete information, please visit: BloggingBlueprint.co

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