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The World’s first dating site that combines the Power of Crowdfunding with the Excitement of Dating.

New York, New York, May 13, 2015 – The world of online dating may be forever changed with the launch of Wishiz.me, the World’s first platform that combines the power of crowdfunding with the excitement of online dating. Until now, online dating for guys can be a very frustrating pursuit. Men can sit for hours in front of their computers seeking the perfect match and have no idea if their “Hello” message will ever be read or answered. It is just a shot in the dark with high hopes. The creator of Wishiz.me clearly had a better idea. During a recent press conference, David Krasicki, President of Wishiz.me Inc., said “Our website provides women with funding for any Wishiz they desire and men are guaranteed to receive responses from women if they help make their Wishiz come true.”

Women can sign-up for free and start their own private crowdfunding campaigns for the things they always dreamed of but could not afford. It could be anything they desire such as Gucci handbags, Jimmy Choo shoes, favorite charities, college tuition or even a new car. Once a girl sets up her profile showing her dream gifts, her whole world changes. Members interested in getting to know her can send her Gift credits to help fund her Wishiz. All she has to do to keep the Gift Credits is send a message back to the interested member within 48-hours.

Men can finally be assured of a response from their dream dates. If they want to impress their perfect match, they can send some Gift Credits to her and get a guaranteed response within 48 hours. That sure beats the conventional methods that leave the guy hanging, wondering if he will ever get a response at all. Girls know that when they receive Gift Credits the guy is serious about showing interest in them. As guys send Gift Credits and messages, their own profiles receive priority placement and will be more quickly seen by other female members. Messages sent along with Gift Credits go to the top of the receiving member’s Inbox.

At a recent interview, a company spokesperson explained: “The days of sending Virtual Gifts to other members are over. What is a Virtual Gift? It’s nothing and the party receiving it knows it has no value. Wishiz.me Gift Credits have enormous value and members appreciate receiving them. This is clearly the future of online dating.”

The company reports that they have just completed a successful seed round that came from investors in the world of finance, social media and retail. Wishiz.me is also in discussion with venture capital firms and entities in Brazil, Canada and Australia about bringing Wishiz.me to their respective countries.

For complete information, please visit: Wishiz.me – Dating Meets Crowdfunding

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